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5 targeted Amazon and eBay alternatives

Written by Jeff Allen on April 6, 2015 in How to Sell Products Online


Entering the online marketplace is can be a difficult endeavor. With places like eBay and Amazon saturated with businesses and sellers, it’s often hard to get a steady flow of profits from such online venues. The overwhelming saturation of both these marketplaces often casts a shadow over those seeking to try out dropshipping, or even selling their own product online. Luckily, there Amazon and eBay alternatives available for businesses of all sizes to sell on. 



If you’re in the niche of selling shoes, Kixify is the marketplace for you. It specializes in, and only in shoes. Nike, Vans, Toms, you name it. This site has it all. Whether you’re selling new loafers or used Air Jordans from the ‘80s, Kixify is the perfect marketplace for people selling shoes. Even if you’re not in the niche of “kicks,” this is a perfect example of the types of product-specific marketplaces out there. Regardless of what your niche product is, there’s bound to be a marketplace, like Kixify, that caters to it.



Are you a crafty person who loves to make your own products to sell online? Etsy is the perfect online marketplace for all things homemade. The site lets you create your online store for free, and only charges you a fraction of eBay’s final value fee ( 3.5%, compared to eBay’s standard 10%, in addition to PayPal fees). With no membership fee and boasting a community of over 30 million unique buyers and sellers, Etsy is definitely the go-to marketplace for homemade, vintage, and crafting products.


Let’s open up the product floodgates a little with the next marketplace, Newegg. Newegg is an open marketplace offering categories that range from apparel to computer parts. While the major emphasis seems to be in electronics, hot selling categories luggage, home and garden supplies, and baby products. Some potential drawbacks may include the “invite only” membership as well as the somewhat steep commission fees, but the service, including their own fulfillment program, may well be worth it. Newegg offers a great alternative to Amazon and eBay, particularly if you’re an ecommerce store in the business of electronics.


If you’re looking for a more conventional marketplace, more akin to Amazon, Sears is a great option. Sears offers a wide variety of product categories available for you to sell from. What’s more, they offer the option of becoming a wholesaler within their commerce program. If you’ve got a product that you’ve been producing on your own, but need a good way to enter the market, Sears can provide that opportunity. They charge a $39.99/mo subscription fee, which is more-or-less the same as other similar marketplaces, but there’s no contract, so you’re able to cancel at any time. In addition, Sears offers businesses a unique way for customers to access their goods: buyers can purchase items from any mobile device, as well as at any Sears store Kiosk. If you’re ready to enter the ecommerce world but aren’t prepared for the competition presented by Amazon, give Sears a shot.



Among some of the best Amazon and eBay alternatives is the online marketplace, Bonanza. Offering both auction and fixed-price options, you get the best of both worlds with a fraction of the competition. Every listing is free, and they only charge you a 3% commission fee for products that sell. In addition, they automatically send your listing to Google and Bing, also for free. If you currently have stores with eBay or Amazon, you can import those items directly to your Bonanza store. It’s recognized as a more social marketplace, so your communication and customer service is much better than other types of online marketplaces. While Bonanza doesn’t have the size of Amazon or eBay (who does?), they more than make up for that fact by offering affordable business fees, as well as giving you a great way to build your brand and customer base.

Don’t Stop There

There are a great deal of online marketplaces for you to set up shop. Don’t be fooled into thinking the only way you’re going to make money is by selling on Amazon or eBay. Those are both hard markets to sell from. The competition is high, and the sheer volume of other business can be staggering. Just like the Kixify or Etsy, you can always find a marketplace tailored to your product. Even places like Newegg, Sears and Bonanza offer an alternative to the major ecommerce marketplaces. If you’re not experience the success you’d wish from Amazon or eBay, try out these other great marketplace options.

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