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6 Killer Valentine's Day email templates

Written by Spencer Durrant on February 3, 2016 in Strategies & Tips

During the 2015 holiday season, I wrote a post about some of the best holiday-themed email templates. As every online store owner knows, email marketing is a valuable aspect of driving highly relevant traffic to your site. 

With Valentine's Day right around the corner, I thought it'd be a good idea to do a similar post to help provide you with some beautiful, free Valentine's Day email templates you can use in your email marketing efforts for the first major shopping day of the year. 

It's important, as always, to remember that whatever email template you use, it needs to be mobile responsive. Mobile devices are used to open more than half of all emails, so if your design isn't responsive, you're already losing out on half of your potential audience.blog_val.jpg

Photo courtesy Get Response blog.

The above photo from Get Response shows many examples of a successful Valentine's Day themed template (you can get free access to those templates by clicking the link). The top row is more of an e-card theme, while the second row would be a great template to use if you'd like to feature a specific product. The bottom row features a great example of a newsletter-style email. 


Photo courtesy

The template above is an example of what you do NOT want your emails to look like. Offset images, separate columns, and lots of empty space doesn't make for the most beautiful-looking emails. A huge part of your success with email marketing will come from how well designed your emails are. 


Photo courtesy

This is a great example of a template to use when you just want to feature just a few specific items. One big-ticket item (priced with loss-leading pricing, possibly?) and two smaller items or offers for free shipping all fit here nicely, and it's a clean, simple template. You can get this one by visiting


Photo courtesy

This is a great example of how you can use the same theme to deliver an email, ecard, and theme your social media profiles (you'll notice one of the photo options is sized perfectly for a Twitter/Facebook header photo).

You'll have to purchase these exact templates from Dreamstime. However, if you have the design chops, you can use these images as inspiration for your own proprietary template. 


Photo courtesy

In the previous post about holiday-themed email templates, I featured a few designs from My Emma, and I'm glad to include a few more from them in this post. This is a much more personal design, but it's incredibly simple and can work as a thank-you card to your most loyal customers. Maybe use this and insert a link to free shipping for Valentine's Day to the customers who've bought the most from you so far this year? Either way, it's great template and can be downloaded for free from the above link. 


Photo courtesy

Another one from, this template is a fabulous design for a Valentine's Day sales announcement email. A few short sections of text detailing what deals you'll be running for Valentine's Day, how long they'll last, and a photo, and you've got a powerful email that looks great without overloading the viewer on images and text. 

Any ecommerce store owner worth their salt knows the importance of email marketing. Using the templates above, or basing a proprietary template off them, will help your Valentine's Day email marketing efforts be that much more effective.

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