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Facebook’s New Collections Ads Format Takes Ecommerce Advertising to the Next Level

Written by Meshell Long on May 3, 2017 in Strategies & Tips

Facebook’s leading presence in social media has been fueled by continued user experience innovations. Delivering social media content in mesmerizing fashion has been a key success factor for the web giant. With nearly 2 billion active Facebook members each month viewing content from family, friends, and the global community, it is only natural that Facebook has also innovated in the field of advertising.

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How To Grow Your Established eCommerce Business By Optimizing Third Party Niche Marketplaces

Written by Meshell Long on April 10, 2017 in Strategies & Tips


Leverage third-party niche marketplaces with the best strategies for success

As an established eCommerce retailer, are you happy with where your business is at? The answer for many, if not all, is probably no and for good reason. To grow your brand, successful companies are always looking for new opportunities to expand their sales and diversify their marketplace.  

While you investigate additional opportunities to grow your eCommerce marketing strategy, one option to consider is third-party niche marketplaces. Branching out to third-party marketplaces such as,, eBay, and Etsy can be a great opportunity to further build your business and grow your brand. All you need is the right strategy to increase ROI and grow your customer base.

Here is what you need to know to increase sales and find the best potential opportunities for eCommerce growth.

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The Future of eCommerce: How to Drastically Reduce Your Supplier Onboarding to Magnify ROI

Written by Meshell Long on March 6, 2017 in Strategies & Tips

How to speed up product sourcing and reduce supplier onboarding time for higher ROI.

Today’s customers expect a buying experience that is fast and convenient. eCommerce businesses have responded with custom APIs, powerful automation tools, and fine-tuned logistics, but suppliers have lagged behind.

The onboarding of new suppliers and product listings can still take months. It’s time to bring the onboarding process into the 21st century!

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The latest trends in ecommerce in 2016

Written by Meshell Long on February 23, 2016 in Strategies & Tips

We're right at the halfway point of Q1, and you've likely already noticed product trends in your own niche. We've noticed them too. Our Director of Marketplace Success, Meshell Long, spent some time pulling data from the Doba catalog to compile a report about the latest trends in ecommerce for 2016, so that you can see what's selling, where it's being sold, and who's buying.

Note: you can access this data too with a free subscription to Doba.

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CES 2016 trends report

Written by Meshell Long on January 13, 2016 in Ecommerce News

CES ended just a few days ago, but the world is still abuzz with conversation about the latest and greatest gadgets revealed at the show.

Meshell Long, Doba Director of Marketplace Success, was at the show and provided the following report, videos, and photos that give insight into some 2016 trends that all retailers should be aware of as the year goes on.

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