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CES 2014 for Retailers

Written by David Niccum on January 28, 2014 in Ecommerce News


What’s next in consumer electronics? As a retailer or wholesaler, knowing the answer to that question is critical to preparing for where consumer behavior will be trending. From robots and smart homes to wearables and curved screens, this year’s International Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2014 had plenty of indicators and introductions to what is next.

This year there was an abundance of suppliers offering cell phone accessories, wireless speakers, and portable battery storage. How will these products stand out with consumers? With shorter product cycles, suppliers are challenged with finding products that will resonate with consumers to get first-to-market recognition. Function, design, and brand are factors in consumer buyer decisions. Identifying some common threads of products give indicators of where suppliers are forecasting sales.

Some of the sub-categories represented at CES, included:

  • Audio
  • Automotive Electronics*
  • Computer Hardware
  • Connected (Smart) Home
  • Digital Health & Fitness
  • Electronic Gaming
  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle Electronics
  • Networking & Telco Infrastructure
  • Video
  • Wireless Devices & Accessories

* 2014 had a record number of Automotive Electronics exhibitors.

CES had over 3,400 exhibitors and hundreds of media personnel reporting on the products the suppliers showcased and launched at the show. CNET’s coverage of CES 2014 is very comprehensive and helpful for research.

The CES Innovations Design & Engineering Awards can be found here:

One of our favorite new products was Onewheel, a self-balancing electric skateboard that brings visions of the hoverboard that Michael J. Fox rode in Back to the Future. This product was launched as a startup with one product at the show, while they launched a Kickstarter in parallel with the show. And, although they were in a small booth located in a remote corner of one of the show floors, word of this cool new product quickly spread. You’ve gotta see this innovative new product that you will likely soon begin seeing in product-adoption-friendly metropolitan areas.

Doba was at CES to connect with existing suppliers and to identify new suppliers and hot products for the Doba B2B Marketplace. We will be announcing many new consumer electronic relationships in the coming weeks.

There is no doubt that consumer electronics will continue to be a healthy category for retailers and wholesalers.

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