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Doba Customer Profiled on ProStores Blog: She’s Moving Goods Without a Warehouse or a Forklift

Written by Doba on February 24, 2012 in Online Retailer Spotlight


Doba has long had a mutually beneficial relationship with ProStores, the eBay company that helps small- and medium-sized businesses sell their products and services online. Basically, ProStores provides merchants everything they need to set up, design, and manage a customizable virtual storefront at their own Internet domain, and Doba provides those very same merchants with easy access to the 1.74 million SKUs in our product catalog, all of which can be drop-shipped by our affiliated suppliers to ProStores’ end customer/buyer.

For Jenny McLain, the drop-shipping advantage offered by Doba spelled the difference between success and failure when she started up a ProStores-powered store back in 2007. She launched Gifts and Fine Art in order to help her artist mother sell her artwork. Her mom is Malenda Trick, and the pair set up this business smack dab at the beginning of the recession. Not a good time for artists. Nobody, it seems, purchases artwork during an economic crisis.

So Jenny decided to broaden her possibilities by greatly expanding the list of gifts available at her website. But of course, expansion also means finding a place to store these gifts, and there certainly wasn’t a warehouse available in her backyard. At least not the last time she looked.

That’s when ProStores introduced her to us. She found that Doba not only helps merchants like her source products to sell online, but we work with suppliers, distributors and even manufacturers to store her entire inventory until somebody wants to buy something they see on her site. That’s also a good thing, because again, the last time she looked, Jenny didn’t have a forklift in her driveway.

That brought her to Doba, the product sourcing solution that helps merchants source drop ship products. Since she signed up with us in 2010, Jenny says our drop shipping accounts for a whopping 85 percent of her sales. All she has to do is look through our catalog online, click on the items she wants to list for sale on her site, upload them and promote them.

And when a customer buys something from Gifts and Fine Art, our wholesalers ship the item directly to the buyer. Jenny never lays eye or hand on the merchandise. And that’s just fine with this online merchant. Jenny says that without Doba’s help, she probably would have had to close her online business.

To read Jenny’s story, see Expand Your Inventory: Drop Ship With Doba on ProStores’ blog.

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