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Written by Marketing Team on November 12, 2019 in

E-commerce is a buzzword these days. More and more people are looking to sell products online, so for a new e-commerce entrepreneur, it can be easy to feel as if every strategy has already been taken.

But there are still many opportunities to find success when selling products online.

So, how can you get "in on the action?" We believe the saying, “Work smarter, not harder” applies perfectly here, so with that in mind, we’ve put together 7 tips to help you find great products on Doba. Use these tips to sort through our catalog and successfully identify the products that will help you find greater success.



Our marketplace team continually works with our top suppliers across a wide variety of categories to offer their products at a discounted rate during a specified period as a “Doba Deal.”

As a Doba customer, not only will you will get a list of some of these products via email, but you can also find them anytime on the Home page of your Doba account. There is also a search filter within the catalog that allows you to filter all of the current Doba Deal products.


You might be thinking: “Everyone is going to see these products and tons of retailers are going to start selling them at the same time and saturate the market.” Yep. A lot of retailers will take the easy route and just dump these products directly into their inventory feeds hoping to snag a few sales before the marketplaces get saturated.

However, you’re not going to do that. You’re going to put in some work and rise above the crowd. That brings us to tip #2.


Each of those highlighted products comes from a supplier who, more than likely, has other products for you to list. Click the supplier’s name on that product page, and you’ll go to the Supplier Listing screen. Pause to check their performance on things like fulfillment rate, the average time to ship, and how often they update their feed — it’s valuable info that you know how they perform before you list their items.

You can filter the catalog to see only this supplier’s products by clicking the “Browse Supplier” button right at the top:

Browse Suppliers on Doba

Spot-check some products with available inventory to see if the margins are similar to that first product you saw in Doba Deals. If so, you can branch out and offer something unique that those looking for an “easy win” will have missed entirely.


We reach out to our suppliers regularly to urge them to give you, the Doba retailer, lower pricing, or reduced shipping or dropship fees, anything that will make it easier for you to increase sales.

You’ll see this list every time you log in to Doba, so take advantage when you find products that fit your niche! This list is frequently refreshed with new products. Also, products that sell well are more likely to retain the lower pricing, so this is your chance to show a supplier whose products you favor that leaving their pricing down will help them to move more products.

As with Doba Deals, you can often beat the competition by looking past the highlighted product to other products by the same supplier or similar products from another supplier. A little extra hustle goes a long way!


Doba has hundreds of potential filters to narrow down your product set: supplier, brand, price range, available quantity, average days to ship, no dropship fee, deals only, in-stock only, free or fixed shipping, and more.

Early on, don’t get caught up in filtering by recognizable suppliers or brands (unless that's a specific part of your strategy.) Get into your relevant category, of course, but using the filters to find hidden gems will be to your advantage.)

Pivot on your free or fixed shipping filter (fixed shipping is a signal that you could use a bundling strategy with products from a single supplier and improve your market positioning, merchandise, and margins that way.)

If you’re an Amazon seller, you’ll need valid UPCs, so make sure you check that box.

The price point filter is especially valuable for identifying similar products within a top-level category or subcategory. A well-defined price point filter helps weed out irrelevant items within search results.

For example, let’s say you're looking for a silver cuff bracelet with a lower price point and not considered a gemstone, etc. You would use the category filters to get to the Jewelry & Watches category, like this:

Product categories inside DobaThen, you would apply a price point filter of $0-100, like this:

4 doba-price-point-filter.png
At this point, begin using keyword search filters. First, search for “silver,” making sure to check the “Search within results” box before you click Go. Then enter a second search within those results for “cuff.”

My results give me 22 styles of silver cuff bracelets under $100, after which the catalog fills in with related silver jewelry items (earrings and so forth.)



Start with the obvious keywords and identify synonyms for those terms. For example, I found a great set of Bohemian style products for a retailer who was having trouble locating items in her niche. I began by searching “bohemian,” but didn’t find too many products. I then researched “bohemian style" on Google and identified other terms that were used to describe the style itself. I found words like "fringe," "leather," "hobo," "floor coverings," "area rugs," "organic," "morrocan," "lantern," “hemp," etc. I was able to locate many other products within our catalog by using those terms.

Don’t get too narrow with category filters when performing keyword searches. The Doba catalog has several levels of subcategories that enable you to look at a particular subset of products. However, products do occasionally show up in subcategories that are related but not the best fit, and you might miss them if you’re over-reliant on category filters.


Use the 'search within’ filter to find relevant products within a category with a significant amount of SKU's. For example, browse the ‘Electronics’ category, then (search within) “tablet," then (search within again) "Asus." Search within allows me to locate Asus tablets even if they might be in a different subcategory other than tablets & computers.

Layer searches with “Search within results."

5 search-within-results-silver-cuff-bracelet.pngAs mentioned in the previous silver cuff bracelet example, this is a powerful tool that will get you to relevant results more quickly.

For brand names, I usually search the general item type first. For example, I would first type in ‘headphones,' then search a single descriptive word like ‘beats,' then search ‘dre' which will result in 'Beats by Dre' headphones. But just typing in the whole phrase at once doesn’t always find all of the relevant products.



Sales pitch alert: If you don’t feel like going through any of these steps yourself and you’d rather have someone else do it, we’ve got you covered. Our Marketplace team will curate a customized product list just for you for a nominal fee. List sizes and prices vary. If you’re a Doba customer and are interested in learning more about this option, call Customer Support at 877-321-3622 to get the details and request a list of your own.


The Doba Marketplace is full of millions of products. It holds a ton of potential to help you accelerate your sales. Over time, you'll develop your feel for finding products, but if you start with the tactics and tips in this post, you'll get off to a much faster start. Now go find those products! 

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