10 Best Products to Sell On Ebay

September 17 2021 01:48
10 Best Products to Sell On Ebay

The selection of products to dropship on any marketplace is a critical thing. Every seller ought to be very keen while conducting the exercise since it will determine the prosperity of the business. If you make the wrong choice of products, your business will bring you frustrations that affect your business career. Products sell well on different platforms depending on the buyers and category. In this article, we shall look at the products that do well on eBay. 

10 best products to sell on eBay

Knowing the top products to sell on eBay is so important since it will help in boosting your revenue as it increases your number of sales a day. If you have been looking for the top items to sell on eBay, here is the list. 

1.     Video games

Looking at the listings, an average sale of 118 video games sells on eBay, with their prices ranging from $4.99 to $88. The video consoles and video games contain the latest games that trend in the market. Final Fantasy and Super Ninja Boy made the highest sales of $2000 on the SNES. On the other hand, other games, including the Donkey Kong 3, sold up to $5350 on the NES. One of the most prominent games that made huge sales was an Asian release called Super Mario Bros. A seller listed it at $25000. 

Apart from the above video games, big video consoles like Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and others have produced products that do well in the market. For instance, the Microsoft XBOX ONE controller became top in the controllers and attachments category by selling about 1846 units in a month, making an average sale of $35.99. In addition, the XBOX wireless and Sony DualShock controllers are featured in the top list.

2.     The mobile phones and their accessories

As technology advances, people are striving to acquire phones with the latest technology. In that quest, they have made this category of products to rank highly when it comes to sales. Most people have gone for iPhone mobile phones as they have indicated the highest sales. Other items that have sold highly are the tampered glass screen protectors and the in-car phone holders. Products like mobile covers, cases, skins from Storm Buy, Spigen, Otterbox, Mybat, and Apple have also made significant sales. Before getting into this business, know that mobile phones and their cases have their peak sales as new ones continue. So, be on the look. 

3.     Tablets and computers

Just as mobile phones and their accessories have become necessary in today’s life, computers and tablets are also necessary. Many people are purchasing these computers and tablets to ensure fast work delivery. The category Tablets and Computers has been among the leading ones in sales over time. During the festivities, people tend to purchase more of these items, plus the printers and scanners. The sale of laptops and tablets has notably increased due to the entry of new and advanced products into the market. While looking at the brands that sell hugely, Apple, Ghia, Samsung, Asus, and Kocasa get into the list. 

4.     Health and Beauty products. 

People always strive to remain healthy and beautiful; hence the sales of products that make them maintain good health and enhance their beauty command high sales. Items like dietary supplements, vitamins, perfume, skin care products, hair driers, and hair straighteners lead in terms of sales under this category. Various minerals and vitamins exist from top-selling brands like LifeVantage, GNC, Optimum Nutrition, Great Healthworks, and Puritan Pride. eBay buyers incredibly purchase the Omega XL Joint Pain Relief tablets that the Great Healthworks company produces. 

Most importantly, the Beauty and Health category produces top products on the top-sellers in eBay, including the razor blades, bio-oil, and the maquillage Mirror. This category is a serious one that sellers should consider joining. 

5.     Fashion

The fashion industry is an attractive one for any seller on eBay. Especially in the clothing and shoe category, sellers have few things to fulfill and start making money by delivering orders globally. People also seek to enhance their look, and as seasons and fashion trends change, this industry has so many consumers. The men’s jeans, t-shirts, and hats have a high demand in the market, with also the men’s hats making good sales. Women’s jeans and other clothing also enable sellers to make good sales. People also love the famous shoes for running and sneakers from prominent companies like Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Other popular fashion brands on eBay include FLAX, Eileen Fisher, Dale of Norway, Diane Von Furstenberg, and Free People. 

Before getting into the fashion industry, note that their MOQs are normally large, especially when importing products from China: which produces products in large quantities. The sizing issues are rampant in this category that requires you to make proper sizing descriptions to avoid many products returning. 

6.     Home décor and furniture

The home décor and furniture products under the home and garden industry have been making very impressive sales worldwide in the recent past due to the outstanding growth of the real estate industry. Many customers are placing increasingly many orders as new trends in décor emerge. The hottest products in this category include home furniture, throw blankets, and Afghans. As merchants enter this lucrative product category, they should note that purchasing furniture requires large sums of money, and its transportation is somehow hectic. It requires you to quote high shipping costs since the products are heavy and could trouble the drop shipper when transportation is worldwide or nationwide. Delivery of these products may take long whereas finding suppliers with good designs needs much work. 

7.     Crafts

Though special categories, crafts have been exciting products to sell on eBay. Under this category, we have stone beads, jewelry-making beads, paper crafts, among others. On eBay, there are over 80000 craft products whose demand increased during this Covid-19 pandemic period. Prominent brands whose craft products sell highly include Your Perfect Gifts, Crystal Beads, AD Beads, and DouVei, while the natural gemstone spacer loose beads are the most selling items. 

8.     Fitness products

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, hospitals and medical practitioners have always advised people to stay fit to keep the covid-19 virus away. This has seen the rise in purchasing fitness items like yoga equipment, aerobic step, suspension trainer, and resistance loop bands. 

However, some things should be clear when selling fitness products. The seller should specify the nature of products they are selling and for which exercise. The seller should strive to offer good deals to outshine the competitors in the industry. Be careful when offering guarantees since the products, like other types of equipment, need maintenance and have a lifespan. 

9.     Jewelry and watches

Did you know that people have always wanted to spice up their look? Through jewelry and watches, people have had their best moments to make them look well. The Jewelry and watches sector is growing rapidly due to new designs that are coming up. The categories of jewelry and watches that make enormous sales include fashion necklaces, wristwatches, pendants, and wristwatch bands. 

For a seller to thrive in this industry, they should look for good design suppliers and upload high-quality photos to attract more customers. 

10.  Pet supplies

The pet supplies industry has skyrocketed in the recent past. Thousands of people now own pets that lead to high demand for pet supplies. Common pet supplies include cat food, dog food, and the cat tree. The children, adults, and people of all occupations and gender have or are looking for pets to keep in their houses. 

Final thoughts.

Before dropshipping on eBay, Doba, and other online platforms, one needs to do intensive research to get products that highly sell and those giving high profits. Consider the products above for high returns since most of them have emerging trends; hence people love to replace the old ones. 

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