10 Best Products to Sell on Etsy

September 17 2021 02:26
10 Best Products to Sell on Etsy

If you are passionate about homemade, vintage, custom-made items, Etsy should be your home. As the pandemic hit many countries, people became more creative and began to make some items at home during their leisure time or as their work. The homemade items have generated massive profits for these people, and they make sales. For those interested in selling their products on Etsy, this article will discuss various things that may give you good money. With the Etsy marketplace, you will convert your hobby, idea, and extraordinary skill into money since several people globally are looking for unique items. Tag along to discover things that you can make at your and receive massive profits. 

1.     The handmade and customized jewelry

We can unanimously agree that handmade jewelry has attracted millions of people who are always looking for them. These people are all over the online marketplaces to find those products that please them and make them better. Etsy is one online business platform where buyers and sellers of handmade and personalized jewelry converge to satisfy their wants. 

Here people look for exclusive necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets, and other similar products. Since purchasing jewelry is a personal thing, people go for one-of-a-kind products that will make them unique. With that in mind, the category may seem saturated, but if you come with special items, you will make a kill in it. Ensure that you go for excellent designs that catch the attention of your target audience. Blend the designs and colors well for high sales. By doing so, your business will flourish and earn you enough money and traffic.

2.     Crafts 

The crafts category is among the highest selling categories on Etsy and other marketplaces. When you venture into this category, you will have various products to sell, including tools for jewelry, miniatures, beads, and other craft essentials. Items like stickers, hooks, claws, beads and antique charms are also the best items to sell. Since most sellers on Etsy are females, they produce beautiful items like stickers that buyers love so much. If you strive to make unique stickers with a personal touch and unique vibe, nobody will hesitate to buy them. The top sticker sellers include Nocoledebruin, PlannerKate and Yakutum. 

With charms, hooks, beads, and crafts supplies, Etsy has all types of these products with different sizes and are essential for knitting, art, jewelry, and crafts. 

3.     Printable products and digital artwork

The seller sells items in this category in digital forms for the buyers to purchase and print them. Such products include greeting cards, stationery, planner pages, paper crafts, calligraphic planners, stamps, scrapbooks, etc. People who find the items with the style and themes of their parties and celebrations will buy your products for use. The advantage with things in this category is that neither shipping costs nor customers are troubling you in your office. Besides, the products are the best passive income earners since you only develop one and sell it as much as you want. Planners are the items that are highly sold under this category. 

4.     Fashion

Since the majority of the people need clothes that reflect them, finding such products on Etsy is as easy as pie. All the trendy shorts and styled dresses that attract sellers are here on Etsy. Those interested in this business can choose between men's, women's, or children's.as long as you customize their looks, you will have so many interested customers. 

5.     The wedding clothing, décor, and invitations

Every person wants to make their wedding unique. All the items they use during their products are magnificent and different from one wedding to the other. Those who feel like getting into this business on Etsy can provide a whole package of the wedding items of part of them. They can decide to do the paper products like cards and other invitations and post them in template form that the grooms and bride can print on any paper they choose. They should also be able to change the colors to make them comfortable. Alternatively, you can produce the items in various colors and designs. 

Other wedding products include wedding décor, gowns, suits, bowties, and wedding vests for the wedding couple and the bridal party. Organizers can use these items during the wedding day or at bachelor and bachelorette parties.  

6.     Eco-friendly items

Care for the environment is becoming a critical issue in all industries. Buyers are looking for items that they can re-use or whose disposal cannot interfere with the environment. In many cases, the things come from the creativity of individuals who try to change some aspects or modify various items to be environmentally friendly. On Etsy, you can sell refillable deodorants, reusable face rounds, soaps and shampoos that are free from harmful chemicals, and zero-waste toothpaste. Moreover, in the wake of social and environmental consciousness, people will be ready to pay even higher prices. 

7.     Handmade clothes

Besides the readymade or synthetic clothes, one can decide to make customized clothes with different print designs. If you understand crotcheting and knitting with your hands, this will be the best opportunity for you. You can customize the cloth products from the beginning to the end. People have developed a love for customized clothes, and handmade clothes are the beautiful items you can ever sell on Etsy. 

8.     The homemade bath and beauty products

Becoming beautiful is what every person is trying to attain. In the quest to progress in the beautiful journey, most people have decided to ditch the products that contain so many chemicals as they seek organic, homemade, and eco-friendly products. For those keen on this, there is a need for body lotions, bath soaps and bombs, skincare facemasks, and other organic cosmetics in the market. These are the products you can take advantage of and start selling on Etsy. 

9.     Personalized gifts

One will feel lots of love and treasure when they receive a gift or gifts explicitly designed for them. A business person on Etsy can develop a way that allows people to create some designs for their lovers, children, friends, parents, and other loved ones and print them on t-shirts, coffee mugs and glasses, jewelry, and key chains, socks, and other items. Otherwise, you can create stickers and collaborate with some businesses to print and ship them to the clients once they make an order. 

10.  Art and collectibles

For art lovers, Etsy is a place to display your work and sell items. If you can make paintings, drawings, digital prints, and illustrations, you can make money on Etsy when you list your job. Do not waste your talent and skill that can earn you a lot of money. Some prominent sellers in this section include LouMarksPhoto, KatherineDream, and ZenspireDesigns. 

Collectibles are also popular on Etsy, and they include figurines, memorabilia, stamps, old advertisements, and coins. 

How to boost your Etsy shopping experience

Though Etsy is a comprehensive business platform, it contains numerous businesses or stores. One may get it hard to begin doing business on this platform, but you will enjoy your company with the following tips and guidelines. 

  • Build an inventory: Study how your competitors are working and see how you can outshine them in your stock. Have high-quality or clear images of the products you want to sell and display them nicely on your inventory.

  • Do proper pricing: While pricing your products, remember to include various Etsy fees, including the listing payment, the cost per transaction, and the processing fee. Also, include taxes and other charges in the final price. 

  • Add a name to your store: Let the name of your store communicate what you are selling by even evoking some feeling in your sellers. To enhance marketing, add your store's name to social media. The choice of your name should also be good to add to your business cards and other documents. 


Many times, we have people with talents and top-notch skills that can earn them a living. As the world moves, people have loved art, organic products, and generally homemade and customized products. If you can make one or more of this, try to list them on Etsy for pleasant business experiences. 

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