How to Find And Work with Trusted Dropship Wholesalers

May 24 2021 02:29

Dropshipping is a low-risk business that allows businesses to test new product ideas without purchasing the products upfront. It is the responsibility of the dropship wholesaler to fulfill the order once you get a customer. It is imperative to find a trusted dropshipping supplier so that you do not run the risk of losing the business at the onset.

A trustworthy wholesaler must be business-friendly to various dropshipping needs, whether it's an upstarting wholesaler or a seasoned wholesaler. The products and services offered by the wholesaler have to be exhaustive, with excellent customer support available to the customers 24/7. The wholesaler should have a good track record of shipping goods in time and, in some cases, offer tracking for the products. An audit of the seller and manufacturers is necessary to reduce the chances of landing cons on the dropshipping platforms.

Success in the dropshipping business is not easy due to many entry barriers, such as finding reliable suppliers for new customers to start dropshipping. Focusing on trustworthy dropshipping wholesalers ensures that the business dropship suppliers with competitive pricing guarantees high-profit margins and reduces risks for a business. One should be on the lookout before choosing a drop shipper to mitigate the risks of unfulfilled orders, delayed orders, or penalties. Dropshipping is a business, not a gamble; only a trustworthy drop shipper can guarantee you success.

Top dropshipping wholesalers

Identifying a viable and trusted dropshipper is a daunting task that makes many abandon the course altogether. We have set out to examine different dropship wholesalers one by one, so you do not have to scratch your head when you start dropshipping. The following five dropshippers that have been tested and trusted for years will make your business a breeze. Try out the dropship wholesalers for world-class services.

1.                   Doba

Doba dropship is a reputable supplier that is built for your business. It keeps your interests first by making sure that manufacturers and suppliers in the platform are reliable. It weeds out fake suppliers and dropshippers by interviewing and examining them in advance. The product is easy to use with three different ways to browse potential products from suppliers. You can filter products by category, view products alphabetically, or use the Doba Catalog.

The service allows customers to build their inventory of products that interest them. There are video tutorials for you through making your inventory. A personal inventory gives you an option to revisit your product options to evaluate the most profitable options. Exporting data in multiple formats is easy, so that you can add the information to several online stores. Order tracking makes it easy to manage orders till they are delivered to the final customer.

Doba is home of convenience with several products and services with innumerable benefits. New businesses will love that Doba is a low-cost option that gives them 30 days a trial to try services such as low transactional and shipping costs for higher profit margins. Low inventory alerts help avoid overselling with lots of educational materials to help maximize sales and manage the business. You can contact customer support for any issues you face to have a smooth experience at Doba.

2.                   Worldwide Brands | Directory of Wholesale Distributors

Worldwide Brands is a large online wholesaler directory that has been in business since 1999. Thus, it has gained a lot of experience, made its product offering better, and increased its suppliers. The directory has always had vetted suppliers to ensure that clients get the best value for money when trading on Worldwide Brands. Boasting over 16 million vetted products, the platform is a dropshipper paradise.

As a US company, it seamlessly integrates with retail stores like eBay and Amazon so that dropshippers have reduced hassle getting their products on the online stores. Its one-time fee makes it cheaper compared to other stores that have a yearly renewable fee. The site has direct access to its wholesaler and reduces intermediaries that reduce the chances of losing profits.

3.                   Alibaba

Alibaba is one of the largest dropshipping wholesalers globally, with an assortment of products serving 180 million buyers annually. Buyers choose to trade with over 50 thousand manufacturers working under 70 thousand brands and trade names. It has gained trust worldwide with buyers in over 90 countries. The platform has a wide variety of tools and items to assist customers and sellers detect and stop fraud.

Customers can be assured of having honest dealings while trading on the site by only working with Gold suppliers who Alibaba has verified. The list of suppliers is created by having third parties inspect the factories to ensure the products are legitimate. Trade assurance also insures buyers against loss caused by losses caused by delays or delivery of substandard products.

There are lots of payment options that can be used on the platform, making it possible for the clients to keep themselves from being scammed online. Minimum order quantity on small products is the only hurdle that newer businesses have to face, but there is a reprieve for large machines, electrical and electronic products. There are many ways that Alibaba has made it easy for clients to

4.                   SaleHoo

Salehoo is a reputable dropshipping company founded in 2005 in New Zealand with a lot of positive reviews online from satisfied customers. The site’s legitimacy is guaranteed into the system with over 8,000 pre-vetted suppliers to ensure that you only get the best of the best products delivered on time. It has lots of cheap products and can help you spot hot trending products and can make quick cash for beginners.

Dropshipping with SaleHoo is easy as the website is easy to use with an easy way to discover products with the hottest selling margins. Buyers can organize supplier details and even get insider deals from the suppliers to boost their business. The 60-day free trial is a perfect opportunity for any potential dropshipper to assess the trustability of Salehoo and ensure they aren’t being scammed in the long run.

In summary, SaleHooo is a powerful supplier directory researcher tool and online community for dropshippers, e-commerce stores, and wholesalers. It has inbuilt tools that make it easier for each party to trade while reducing fraud. It has smart seller training and access to one-one support on LiveChat, Facebook, email, and the phone gives it an edge over the other as clients can report fraud quickly.

5.                   AliExpress

Aliexpress is part of the Alibaba group, the same parent company that owns Alibaba. Alibaba uses the B2B model, while Aliexpress uses the B2C model, making it possible to buy a single product. Aliexpress has many tools to meet the needs of international customers. As a B2C business Aliexpress does not have a MOQ; thus, you can buy one or two items without bundling up to meet specific quotas.

Aliexpress is authentic as it gives buyers the option to meet manufacturers or intermediaries who sell products on behalf of the manufacturers. Most wholesalers or their representatives on Aliexpress can speak English for better understanding. AliExpress allows clients to buy sample products to reduce the chances of receiving fake or substandard products.

Aside from the security, Aliexpress has a wide variety of niche sellers on all product categories and at times. Clients worldwide come to Aliexpress for bags and shoes, home and garden appliances, women’s clothing, phones and accessories, men’s clothing, jewelry and watches, and consumer electronics.

Low prices mean it is a little less risky and offers higher rewards due to higher profit margins. Numerous producers on dropshipping sites buy goods in bulk and sell them at a small profit margin or zero profit, which offers more competitive prices than anywhere else.  An analysis is conducted on the seller to ensure they are legitimate and reduce chances of fraud when dropshipping on Aliexpress.

Tips for working with dropshipping wholesalers

Working with dropship wholesalers is not easy, and it needs lots of planning and following the following guidelines to make the most out of business.

1.              Get the Right Dropshipper

There are many dropshippers to choose from, but each dropshipper offers different values. Some give maximum value with varying products of niche and those that have lower overhead costs. The reliability of the dropshipper is a crucial element irrespective of the value they offer, as your online store requires high-quality goods delivered on time to your customers to survive. While it is the supplier who fulfills orders, it is your business that bears the losses when the supplier delivers substandard goods, fails to deliver, or delivers late.

2.              Make shipping timelines Clear

As a dropshipper you will be operating an online store whose reliability is dependent on the reliability of the delivery. Getting a dropshipper with a clear delivery deadline can ensure you retain your customers and reduce rejections and bad ratings. The order tracking feature makes it possible to give clients clear deadlines and follow up on the delivery of goods.

3.              Choose the Right E-commerce platform

E-commerce platforms get your product to the consumer. It is good to get an eCommerce platform that easily integrates with your dropshipper to update the product catalog automatically. Some of the dropshipping suppliers do not support some of the platforms hence may land you in hot water when doing business on those platforms. Mainstream platforms are the most competitive but get you more eyeballs on your product, guaranteeing better sales.

Getting a trusted wholesaler is a big step to getting your business in good shape. It is advisable to work with a trusted wholesaler to ensure you get the right products at the right price and enjoy better delivery times. The bottom line is working with an untrusted dropshipper may lead to irredeemable losses for your business.

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