Best 5 Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

June 03 2021 02:34
Best 5 Furniture Dropshipping Suppliers in the USA

“Home décor and improvement are extremely popular in the United States, particularly among families, meaning that the furniture market is always growing year after year.”



Dropshipping is a method of selling things through an ecommerce website without the need to order, store or transport those things to shoppers. The shopper, the ecommerce owner, and the supplier are all involved in the dropshipping process. The steps are as follows:

·       The customer places an order using the dropshipping website.

·       The order information is emailed to the supplier by the dropshipping owner.

·       The order is executed and the product is shipped to the customer by the supplier.

Furniture dropshipping

It should come as no surprise that drop shipping furniture is far more profitable than selling wholesale. Furniture comes in a variety of styles, and different types of furniture serve different purposes, so you have a variety of niches to choose from and specialize in.

Furniture is popular among e-commerce entrepreneurs due to the several specializations that can be derived from it. There are numerous products available, and among all home decoration categories, furniture is the only one generating billions of dollars.

Is dropshipping furniture profitable?

Dropshipping, as you may have heard, would be the next big thing in ecommerce. However, making money by selling things without storing, packing, or shipping them seems fanciful, leading to the question: Can you really earn money with a dropshipping store?

The answer is definitely yes!

However, to make dropshipping lucrative, you must first discover the right products, promote your brand, and charge reasonable rates.

If you've decided to establish a dropshipping business in the furniture market, you'll need to develop a smart dropship program.

What should furniture drop shippers know to succeed?

Actually, some factors will be really crucial for you when drop shipping furniture. So, what should you do if you want to be successful? The following pointers will assist you in getting there.

·      Find reputable providers

First and foremost, you must find reliable dropshipping providers. Finding a trustworthy wholesale dropship supplier is, in fact, a universal tip we recommend to all of our clients when they begin a dropshipping business.

To do so, you must analyze numerous aspects of their online presence. We're currently talking about their store rating, the amount of time they've been on AliExpress, the number of followers they have, and so on. Read the full article to know more about how to locate a supplier for your online store.

·      Build a brand

It is a good idea to develop a brand if you have decided to deal with a specific product category. For a share of potential clients, you will have to compete with very big companies. As a result, you must consider not just the price/quality of the product, but also how to make customers remember you.

A brand name can provide numerous advantages such as client loyalty, repeat purchases, market capitalization, and so on. They can provide you with not only the possibility to earn more money but also a form of insurance if everything does not go as planned.

·      Don't forget about shipping and sales tax

When dropshipping, you must ensure that you can supply your consumers with a quick delivery option while without losing a lot of money.

Shipping fees will be charged to you by your suppliers, which will most likely be determined by your dropshipping agreement. The cost may be flat or variable depending on size, weight, or shipping location. If your supplier charges a fixed amount, ensure your own shipping expenses reflect that, otherwise you will be lowering your revenues to cover it.

·      Consider the interior design accessories

Since dropshipping huge furniture might be difficult, especially for a newbie, we suggest that you include small and inexpensive products for the interior of your product line. These things, on the other hand, are much easier to sell.

Top dropshipping suppliers in the United States

Furniture drop shippers in the United States have grown in popularity in recent years, and this list will seek to identify the finest dropshipping companies in the United States for furniture and home décor.

·      Doba 

Doba is a marketplace that brings together manufacturers and suppliers in one location. They take pride in providing excellent customer service and selling mid-range to high-end furnishings. Their product line includes furniture for the kitchen, office, bathroom, patio, living room, bedroom, dining room, and many more areas. Shipping is done quickly and their customer service is also top of the mark. Browse our catalog for products that suit your market.

·      Fast Furnishings

Fast Furniture, based in Walnut, California, takes pride in offering high-quality home furnishings to consumers in a timely and effective manner. Shipping takes about 2-3 days on average. Their product line includes furniture for the kitchen, office, bathroom, patio, living room, bedroom, dining room, and many more places. Furthermore, the collection includes almost 3000 furniture items.

Retailers who join the drop ship program receive a wholesale coupon code that they can use to apply lower rates.

·      Vig furniture

Vig Furniture is home furniture drop shippers that specialize in European-style home furnishings. They are wholesale dealers of furniture products throughout the United States. They take pride in providing excellent customer service and selling mid-range to high-end furnishings. Vig also offers a business-to-business shipping service.

They also offer over 6000 furniture products in their collection. To be eligible for the program, you should have a furniture internet store with a decent level of traffic as well as a company license.

·      Modloft

Mod loft is a company specializing in urban modern furniture. Their primary focus is on luxury furniture, that's why their product catalog includes furniture for bars, nightstands, dining tables, lounge chairs, gaming tables, dressers, couches, outdoor seats, sideboards, and so much more. Mod loft, which was formed in 2005, features in-house designers who work on the furniture. After you create an account, you may start dropshipping.

·      Ashcroft Imports 

Another major furniture drop shipper situated in Houston, Texas is Ashcroft Imports. Their product line includes anything from mid-level goods to high-end furniture. Ashcroft also deals primarily with various types and styles of tables, sofas, and chairs. Inventory is always updated regularly, and retailers have access to stock information. The team is comprised of young furniture lovers and designers who have collaborated with manufacturers from all around the world. Shipping is done quickly, and customer service is excellent.

How to find dropshipping suppliers?

There are three methods for locating trustworthy dropshipping suppliers for your company.

·       Suppliers can be found on dropshipping marketplaces.

·       Check wholesale directories.

·       Maintain contact with the product's manufacturer.

·      Find suppliers on dropshipping marketplaces

If you are new to dropshipping, this strategy may be the simplest approach for you to find dropshipping providers. For this purpose, popular online supplier markets such as AliExpress, Oberlo, and Doba exist.

·      Using wholesale directories

Wholesale directories are internet directories that list significant wholesale providers from around the world. You can quickly sort and search suppliers for your dropshipping niche there. Salehoo, Worldwide Brands, and Wholesale Central are three of the most prominent dropshipping and wholesale supplier directories.

·      Contact product manufacturers

If you are looking for a specific product from a manufacturer, you can always contact that manufacturer and ask if they provide dropshipping service. Otherwise, they will gladly assist you by putting you in touch with one of their wholesale buyers who allows dropshipping.

Aside from the three approaches listed above, you can always Google for dropshipping suppliers in your niche.

PRO TIP: Before selling to the general public, remember to contact or pre-order from your supplier. As a result, you can be confident that everything will proceed smoothly.


Furniture dropshipping is one of the most popular and demanding e-commerce niches, and it's simple to see why. A significant group of buyers is constantly looking for solutions to improve their home living once every couple of years, not just in their homes but also in their workplaces, companies, and restaurants. The market in the United States and North America is still open for success. If you'd like to dropship furniture products, it will be highly dependent on the dropshipping company you choose. Finally, Doba is an excellent alternative for people who are just getting started or who want to expand their business, manage more clients, and handle more orders.

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