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Emergency prepardeness with Wise Company, Inc.

Written by Matt Bailey on February 13, 2015 in Supplier Spotlight


One should always be prepared for the emergency situation. We aren’t saying that the end of the world is coming or that we are on the verge of a zombie apocalypse, but preparation isn’t a bad idea. Wise Company, Inc. has built their business around helping people have food storage in case of an emergency. They can help you prepare real meals even in the event of a disaster.

Wise Company describes their products as “an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable ready-made freeze dry and dehydrated meals for emergency preparedness and outdoor use.” Although you can purchase large quantities for food storage, you can also purchase it for camping, scout trips, and picnics in the park. Their products mainly consist of food and food preparation in long lasting sealed containers.

Recent news has shed light on the severity of natural disaster. California’s drought in January 2014, Washington mudslide in March 2014, Arkansas tornado in April 2014, southern California wildfires in May 2014, Utah earthquake in June 2014, Yosemite National Park wildfire in July 2014, Hawaii lava flow in October 2014, New York blizzard in November 2014, and many more. There is a very real need to be prepared as they are natural. However, what you shouldn’t do is panic. You should get prepared and be prepared.

If you feel underprepared, it is a good idea to investigate Wise Company, Inc.’s products and how they can benefit you. They carry WiseFire—a proprietary fuel used to cook food, keep you warm, and burns in wind, rain, sleet or snow; cereal; pastas; chicken; beef; dried milk alternative; vegetables; fruits; proteins; rice; and survival kits including first aid kits. These products will help you feel confident when disaster strikes. provides great ideas of how to prepare for disasters. The site includes information and risks based on where you live, help creating an emergency plan, help building a kit, getting involved in the community and more. The purpose of the site is to simply be ready.

Wise Company has products following those recommendations helping you to save time and money. They created their very own survival kits for 72+ hours. Fortunately, Wise Company provides more than just the essentials. Food, water bottles, tissues, first aid kits, utensils—in a pocketknife style, multipurpose plate/pan, WiseFire fuel, tarp, emergency blankets, playing cards, note pad, flashlight, and gloves are included in their survival kits. They are here to help you prepare for the worst and keep calm.

Starting on Friday the 13th of February, Wise Company, Inc. is providing an additional 20% discount on their product prices. Although apparently not much of a percentage discount, this is a HUGE savings to you and yet another reason to get prepared. This sale will continue until Monday the 2nd of March. We recommend getting prepared and spreading the word to get prepared. These savings could be passed on through you as a retailer.

Check out the products that Wise Company, Inc. provides by clicking “Wise Company, Inc.” in the supplier’s list of your Doba account.

Here are a few of the items from Wise Company, Inc. product line:

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