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Facebook’s New Collections Ads Format Takes Ecommerce Advertising to the Next Level

Written by Meshell Long on May 3, 2017 in Strategies & Tips

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Facebook’s leading presence in social media has been fueled by continued user experience innovations. Delivering social media content in mesmerizing fashion has been a key success factor for the web giant. With nearly 2 billion active Facebook members each month viewing content from family, friends, and the global community, it is only natural that Facebook has also innovated in the field of advertising.

Facebook has now developed the Collections ad format, which brings advertisers and consumers together in a new and exciting way. With the Collections ad format, consumers can discover and experience products online in an innovative and immersive shopping experience. Collections ads enable advertisers to present up to four related products below videos or images which users can click for direct purchases.

Facebook’s development team has been diligently working to facilitate e-commerce through greater exposure and user interaction between advertisers and consumers. The Facebook Collections ads format is an effective way for retailers to engage the right consumers with their products and boost sales like never before – all within the same ad unit.

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The Facebook Collections ads are a new style of e-commerce advertising that enables additional products to be featured within your product catalog. Whether viewing on mobile devices, tablets, laptops, or desktop computers, this new advertising method provides a rich and visually stimulating ad-viewing experience to the consumer. Featuring the ability to showcase up to 50 products at any time on mobile devices through video content or images, collections ads enables Facebook users to browse and discover exciting products without ever leaving the Facebook app. Purchasing is just as easy and seamless as your retail website is only a touch away.

Still in the beta phase, the collections ad format is slated for a full launch in the near future. High potential advertising opportunities such as this one are often less expensive and offer sizable rewards for the first-movers during the launch phase. With individuals all across the world spending an ever-increasing portion of their day on their smartphones and computers, advertisers must keep up with the high-tech world. The explosion of mobile shopping has driven developers to create the most seamless and eye-catching advertising experiences that can be enjoyed from your smartphone. 

With collections ad format to be launched soon, advertisers need to be ready to take advantage of its incredible shopping experience to drive more sales. By displaying relevant products directly below video or images, consumers can enjoy engaging content and directly purchase as well. This e-commerce innovation by Facebook can drive your sales numbers to new levels!

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