5 Can't-Miss Furniture Trends 2022 For Huge Profits

October 27 2021 02:30
5 Can't-Miss Furniture Trends 2022 For Huge Profits

Whether you're new to dropshipping or a veteran in the business, you need three things to succeed: the drive to sell, the skills to market them, and high-demand products to sell. If you're reading this, it's an indication that you have a winner's mindset and that you probably know how to sell. So how can you identify furniture products to add to your existing line? We have done the hard work of researching the trending furniture projects, and here are five hot products to help you rake in revenue. 

1. Dropship Mesh Fireplace Screen with Single Door

This fireplace screen with a single door is a must-have functional accessory suitable for use as a fireplace cover and can make an excellent addition to your home decor. It is essentially a square tubular steel frame, making it less easy for kids to knock them over since they're heavier than other types of fireplace screens. In addition, the single door allows you to access and tend your fire. 

Speaking about its design, this fireplace screen comes with an attractive design that will help elevate the aesthetics of your home. The rich black powder-coated finish is highlighted with hand-brushed accents for beauty with or without a fire. 

Also, the frame is safe as it has no sharp edges for babies or children to catch themselves on, and because it is made to firmly hold to the hearth ground, the chances of being knocked down are slim. 

Another reason to buy this fireplace screen guard is that it provides solid protection against popping embers to keep your family and your home safe from potential fire accidents. In all, this fireplace screen isn't just suitable for indoor use alone, but you can also use it for outdoor fire pit and portico fireplace areas. 

2. Dropship Toilet Bathroom Corner Cabinet

Made from wood-plastic composite materials, this toilet bathroom corner cabinet is ideal for organizing, storing, and displaying your stuff quickly and easily. It features one large white louver magnetized door with a cutout handle and one white shelf inside with two other shelves above. 

Unlike other cabinets, this particular cabinet is free from formaldehyde, which means zero pollution and no environmental hazard. In addition, it is waterproof and easy to assemble (under 10 minutes max). If you're not familiar with putting together the cabinet, you can consult the instruction sheet for directions. 

Furthermore, it can serve different purposes, including holding laundry liquid, plants, and other bathroom supplies. However, the topmost shelf on the cabinet is where you want to place your green plants or aromatics. 

Although the cabinet's color is white, you don't have to worry about cleaning it as you either wipe with a damp cloth or take away all the supplies on it and simply wash it with water directly and wipe it dry. Furthermore, its elegant style can perfectly match your bathroom, hallway, living room, dining room., kitchen, bedroom, home, or office. 

3. Dropship Coffee Table Modern Furniture Hidden Compartment and Lift Tablet

This lift coffee table provides you with a raised work surface or dining space so you can comfortably sit and no longer need to lean forward. It is made of solid E1 board and high-quality iron. The latter makes it possible for the tabletop to be lifted and lower down easily, thanks to the noiseless metal mechanism.

Designed with a smooth glossy finish over the sturdy particleboard material, this lift coffee table has a hidden compartment beneath the top, which is designed to store your often-used items like magazines, laptops, chess, and so on. In addition, you will find another shelf beneath it, which can hold snacks and books, and then two storage drawers that are provided to enlarge your space and keep all your things properly stored and organized. In all, you get three-compartment cubbies in the hidden storage cabinet. 

Whether you're looking for floating table space for a living room, office, game room, or other needs, this Lift Top Coffee Table is up to the task. It has solid wooden legs that can support the combined weight of up to 50 lbs. Assembling this lift coffee table is easy as the manual provides detailed directions on what to do. 

4. Dropship Adjustable Folding Mesh Zero Gravity Reclining Lounge Chair

Whether you're looking to lounge at the park or the beach or in your backyard, this gravity lounge chair can help balance your bodyweight to release tension as you recline. It doesn't just promise weightless comfort but will also improve your patio or pool's aesthetics. 

Designed to evenly distribute your weight for better comfort and support, this chair comes with an ergonomic construction and styling with multiple positions. It can help alleviate stress, pain, and discomfort in your back and muscle and is strong enough to support up to 250 lbs. 

The chair has an alloy steel frame., a lockable reclining system (via the knobs located around the arms), and can fold into a compact form. In addition, it features a thickly cushioned pad covered In a breathable and quick-drying fabric. 

As for the fabric feels good on the skin and allows you to enjoy the sun without sweating and sticking to the chair pads. You can place your phone, drink, or any other item on the side drink tray attached to either side of the chair. 

Going further, the chair comes with detachable headrests, while the steel frames are coated in a rust-resistant black finish. As a result, it glides through one position to the next with virtually no effort needed. What's more, you don't have to worry about installation as this chair comes assembled. 

5. High Quality 6 Tier Wood Bamboo Shoe Rack

If your closet is overflowing with too many pairs of shoes, this high-quality 5 tier wood bamboo shelf is more vertical than a horizontal shoe rack. Its major advantage is that it can fit into small spaces while offering plenty of space to organize and store your shoes. 

It comes with an impressive six tiers of shoe classifications, with enough space to save many pairs of footwear for men, women, and kids. Once your shoes are safely stored on the rack, you will have quick access to your shoes and save on floor space. 

In sum, this is shoe rack provides efficient space-saving storage in any room and is quite easy to put together as the package comes with all the tools you need. 


Like every other business, you can only succeed by giving people what they need. Now that you know the trending products in the furniture market, it's time you started listing these products on your online store. If you're wondering where you can find suppliers for all these products, Doba has got you covered. 

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5 Can't-Miss Furniture Trends 2022 For Huge Profits

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