TOP 10 Pet Niche Products to Dropship in 2021

May 25 2021 05:07
TOP 10 Pet Niche Products to Dropship in 2021

“Dropshipping pet products are not new, as every animal has a need. However, there are many "extra" accessories that pet owners have invested in for their furry friends. This is where the best-selling pet stocking products and consumables come out.”

Drop Shipping means you don't need to invest in inventory. When your customer places an order from you, you place an order with us and then we send the order to your customer. We give you access to our extensive and ever-growing list of pet supplies so you don't have to spend money on products to see if this business works for you. It provides all the information you need to start selling your product online, by direct mail, or from a traditional retail store. When setting up your website, provide data feeds, images, and other information to help you get your site set up quickly.

What do we mean by niche products?

You have two comprehensive options when choosing to sell from your store out of stock.

You can sell dropshipping pet products at once; in this case, it will be your pseudo-general store. For many reasons, it cannot be easy to manage and promote this e-commerce business.

That is why entrepreneurs are inclined to build retail stores. All the dropshipping pet products in these stores are related to a particular idea, hobby, activity, purpose, etc.

●      Lower frame levels

●      Greater persistent interaction

●      Well-targeted marketing strategy

●      Of course, a stronger brand and higher profits

Therefore, niche products are products that fall into a single narrow category and are common. They are demanded by a particular group of everyday goods and allow you to target your marketing messages entirely.

Top 10 pet niche products to dropship in 2021top 10 pet niche products to dropship in 2021

Pets are more than cheerful little creatures that welcome us when we get home. They are pure and affectionate companions who occupy an extraordinary place in our hearts.

Dropshipping pet products are not new, as every animal has a need. However, there are many "extra" accessories that pet owners have invested in for their furry friends. This is where the best-selling pet stocking products and consumables come out.

Want to see how reliable this niche is? During this busy year 2021 (to put it mildly), the pet market remained stable and profitable, but many other industries/niches experienced significant cataclysms.

Below is a list of the results of Google Trends for "Pet Products." It's obvious how consistent this niche is.

1.   Paw Plunger

First, we have the Claw Piston. Every pet owner knows the challenge of getting home from a trip, even taking a walk in the park and staining the house in mud or sand. This dropship pet supplies are designed for dogs but can also be used on other paws.

An excellent way for our four-legged friends to quickly and easily wash their claws. Fill with water, dip, swirl, and let the soft silicone bristles do their job and dry. Be sure to offer multiple sizes due to the different size legs. Remember that color variations are equally important.

2.   Dog Raincoats

The second dropshipping pet product is we have Dog Raincoats on the list. Just as you wouldn't want to have to walk in the rain without an umbrella or at least a suitable jacket, dogs don't. Moreover, although most people prefer to stay home when it's gray and rainy, dog owners don't get this "luxury." 

Dropping this pet product kills two birds with one stone for your customers as it keeps the puppies warm and protected from the rain. Their mom or dad doesn't have to worry about getting drenched and messing up when they get home. As with the previous items, consider different sizes and offer a variety of styles and colors.

3.   Doggie Travel Bag

Perfect for walking your dog on the go, the Dog Travel Bag makes traveling with your pet a breeze. There are several types of travel bags—a classic old-school bag that can be easily moved to the floor and a recent upgrade version.

New and improved travel bags are primarily offered as pack packs. Some are equipped with a collar, a foldable eating and drinking bowl, a food box, and even a frisbee. There are many options, so it is highly recommended to sell the variety of this dog niche dropshipping pet trends.

4.   Novelty Pet Beds

There is a novelty pet bed. Connecting basic needs with cuteness is one of the best ways to find a bestseller. Livestock is part of the family and always gets their place in the house. Pet beds are the most common choice when it comes to providing support to furry babies. The novelty bed stands out because it is a trendier version than the traditional "floor pillow."

They are all offered in different forms and "themes," from sushi-shaped beds to pyramid-shaped beds. The most significant advantage of this trending pet product is that large beds have a large price tag, which offers great potential benefits.

5.   Cat Litter Mats

Next is the best-selling pet product the cat owner has dreamed of. Even if you have never had a cat before, you may know that a cat works indoors, unlike a dog. Of course, they have their place and toilets for this, but they can be annoying and smelly.

These mats are designed to prevent debris from sticking to your cat's paws and spreading throughout the house and to keep the toilet area clean in general. People like us have a front door mat that wipes their shoes before entering the house. Now we have something like a perfect kitten.

6.   Pet Molar Bite 

Now for a fun product. Remember before. Did you mention basic needs and elegance? Here is a perfect example of fun and comfort. These pet industry trends come with suction cups and ropes that act as resistance, making them ideal for indoor games. This is an excellent toy to have when your child is home alone.

The innovative blend this toy brings is a tooth cleaner at the same time. Layered tooth ridges are designed to remove tartar, tartar, and bad breath in dogs. This keeps the dog of the recipient entertained and helps to keep the mouth clean and healthy.

When it comes to pet trends, you are highly recommended to check out our articles on the best toy dropshipping products to sell.

7.   Pet Fur Remover

Another dropship pet supplies product that can technically be counted. Pet fur removal items are a must. For clothes, furniture, or cars, this is a lifesaver. This dropshipping pet product comes in a variety of styles.

It is for cleaning the fur that has already been washed away and is called a lint roller. Next, some gloves grab the hair. It is used to polish animal fur and removes excess, but it can also be used to clean furniture fur. There are also fur rollers that are like mini vacuum cleaners but not electric.

Check out the different options, as there are more than those mentioned. Try to offer and sell other pet industry trends products from multiple suppliers for different price ranges and higher potential profits.

8.   Pet Grooming

Number 8 will offer a pet dropshipping product that can be largely solved. Maintenance includes several things. Let's categorize the product options in this category within the niche.

First, fur and coat products:

·       Brush/comb

·       Scissors

·       Electric trimmer

Then you have the following accessories:

·       tie

·       clip

·       Strip / strip

·       bandana

·       And finally, nail clippers.

These best-selling pet products start with a need and end with fashion. These pet industry trends allow both sides of this category to monitor their performance and optimize accordingly.

9.   Car Seat Protectors

Second to last, another dropshipping pet product is a handy, stylish car seat protector. This trending pet product is necessary to prevent car vehicles and cats from damaging their seats when returning from the beach in wet and sandy.

It saves you time in cleaning and, worse, saves you the trouble of damaging your car seat. This product is indispensable when selling pet supplies.

10. Treat-Dispensing Ball 

Last but not least, arguably the most important are IQ boosting toys that both pets and pet lovers don't have enough of. Great for lazy days when you don't have the strength to play fetch.

Your furry friends will make it more intelligent to play with this interactive dog toy ball and learn how to roll the ball and drop the treats.

This dog behaves creatively with the distribution ball, limiting the number of treats the dog receives while extending playtime. Variations are essential, as this dropshipping pet product comes in a variety of designs and colors.

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There is a very large niche. This can be divided into several ways in particular. Let's take it apart.

Pets = dogs, cats, hamsters, snakes, etc. The two main categories are arguably cats and dogs, but there are many more.

Let's take a dog as an example. There are best-selling dog products and many other products mentioned in this article. However, you can narrow it down even more. For example, "Golden Retriever".

Without a doubt, this is a fun and informative niche. Browse our suppliers to take advantage of a wide variety of products.

Finally, improve your dropshipping pet product research on our product search blog and add more successful niches to your store!

TOP 10 Pet Niche Products to Dropship in 2021

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