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Growing Your Business: 5 Visual Social Media Marketing Tips To Consider

Written by Russell Cragun on May 20, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online
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Whether you have an online eCommerce business you want to grow or you are trying to boost the popularity and traffic of a local company you own, doing so is possible by understanding the benefits of visual social media marketing. Visual social media marketing is marketing that allows you to share graphics and other imagery to represent promotions, products, services or your entire brand as a whole to online followers and potential customers or clients. Understanding some of the best visual social media marketing tips to consider can help you to take just about any business or brand to the next level of success.


Learn Basic Graphic Design

Learning basic graphic design is one way to give your brand a bit of a competitive edge when it comes to standing out and setting yourself apart in any industry you represent and work in. If you do not have experience with graphic design there are plenty of programs online that can help you more. You will realize that you can make your social media grow and expand if you have the knowledge to create a sharable infographic or other fun things to share.

learn graphic design basics


Invest in Proper Design Software or Equipment

Investing in proper design software and equipment is also essential when you want to create graphics and other photographs that are modern, visually-appealing and professional in nature. Photoshop is expensive but it is the best program out there for design. If you can not afford Photoshop there are other programs out there that can help you when it comes to editing. Or if you need to you can go to services like fiver to get some cheap graphics and increase your networking.

learn basic photoshop skills


Enrolling in Online Photo Courses

Consider the opportunity of enrolling in photography online courses to help with improving your own personal and professional photography skills. Taking an online course is a way for you to learn more regarding shooting techniques, methods and developing options based on the type of photography you are most interested in pursuing. Remember that practice makes perfect and by improving upon your photography skills could mean better looking product photos on your website or store, which in turn means more customers!

walter mitty


Work With a Professional Graphic Designer

It is also possible to hire a professional graphic designer to help with implementing the right visual social media to help promote your products and services. Hiring a professional designer is a way to ensure you are actually reaching an audience that is genuinely interested in your brand and business.

This can also be a costly expensive, especially if you need one to design a site for you and your business. It might be worth it to study and improve your own graphic design skills like mentioned above. While your at it you should look to improve your skills with HTML and CSS so you can easily make any adjustments needed on your website.

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Use Infographics to Your Advantage

Implement infogrpahics in most of the updates you care using social media to help with grabbing the attention of your followers and potential clients or customers. The more infogrpahics you present, the easier it is to share any information regarding your brand or business.

Infographics are also a great way for some easy link building and a great opportunity to gain more followers on your social media. However, this is something you would want to take your time doing. An ugly infographic can have a negative affect on your brand. For beautiful examples feel free to visit our infographics at Doba!

Having the ability to reach your intended audience or demographic with visual social media marketing is a way for you to truly share a message or the products and services you have to offer to your online followers or potential customers. The more you become engaged with creating visually-appealing marketing campaigns, the easier it is to reach an audience and to keep them interested in what you have to say and share.

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