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Written by Russell Cragun on June 29, 2016 in Strategies & Tips
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Staying organized can be one of the more difficult things to do. Schedules are always changing, and the smallest hitch in plans can throw off your entire week. There are plenty of apps out there to help keep you on task and organized, Personally I’ve tried a lot of them while trying to stay organized in my own life. In this post we will go over some helpful apps and tools that you can use to try and stay organized.


Evernote is one of the most popular apps out there for note taking and task management. They also make it very easy to access your account across multiple platforms, which means you can keep all the same notes from your laptop, tablet, and phone. Evernote also offers some great tools for you to save snippets from certain web pages or articles. That way you can bookmark helpful webpages to read later.


Evernote is a very simple tool that has been around for a long time. They have fixed a lot of kinks and have developed a great running tool; you’ll rarely come up against bad and glitchy functions. You’ll also be able to share notes and just about everything else with team members who also use Evernote.

The tool, while having a premium option, is free to use. This isn’t one of those apps where you can only use if for a certain amount of time, or have one function available. You’ll be able to use most of the apps functions on the free model.


Setting up the app for the first time can be time consuming and a bit confusing, especially if you don’t know how you want to be organized. I highly recommend reading this helpful blog post from Michael Hyatt about organizing your Evernote account.

Another simple task management app that has been around for a long time is You’ll be able to find this mobile heavy app on both iPhone and Android. It’s an incredibly simple task management app that has a simple check or swipe option for completing task. It’s great if you're the kind of person who likes to make daily or weekly to do list.


It’s has some great widgets (Android) to help you remember your to do lists. The user function is also great, and will run smoothly on any phone. Plus, it’s free to use!


This app really doesn’t provide much more than than being able to check off completed tasks, or create task lists that you need to get to. You also won’t be able to share any of your tasks with others, and it tends to have annoying notifications.


This is an app that is more comparable to Evernote, but without the note taking features. Imagine a very in-depth to do list and wah-la, you have Wunderlist. You’ll be able to create tasks with a lot of detail, and be able to take notes within each task.


It’s free to use and works across multiple platforms. You can collaborate with others while using this app, which allows you to share tasks and notes with each other. It also has great organization features that can help you keep everything organized.


It tends to promote its premium version a lot which can get annoying at times. It also takes a while for your account to sync any new notes with other devices and users. So, if your partner is waiting for some new notes, it might take awhile to appear on their side.

Google Apps

I can’t recommend using Google Apps enough. I know that might be hard to hear if you're a faithful Outlook or Yahoo fan, but you can save so much money and headaches by implementing your notes and excel sheets on Google docs. Updates and changes to a document, slide, sheet, etc. sync almost instantly, and even save backups on each doc.

Google Apps also has great note taking apps and a great calendar to use with your whole team. Google is constantly updating their services and apps to make it better for everyone.


Incredibly easy to use and can help you save money by avoiding Microsoft Office. Easy to share documents and spreadsheets with team members. You can also download this information to your mobile device for more “on the go” functionality.


Storage is limited to 10GB for a free account. Apps also don’t work that great on an iOS device which might make it difficult for Apple users.


This tool is the most comparable to Evernote, and in my honest opinion, is better than Evernote. Nozbe gives you more power over your notes and tasks, which makes it super easy to keep everything in one spot. If you felt like Evernote was missing something then you really need to try out Nozbe. Here is a great article to help you use Nozbe and organize your entire life.


Beautiful interface and a great way to keep track of everything. Works across all platforms and syncs almost instantly.


It’s only free to use for the first month.


This is probably the most fun app on this list. IFTTT (If This Then That) can work across so many devices and apps, and you can have it automatically bookmark new posts from certain blogs. It can automatically update team members if something happens on your site based on a a trigger. Overtime, IFTTT have been able to add more apps and functions that makes possibilities seem endless.


The community is huge on IFTTT and there are plenty of pre-made “recipes” for you to try out. If your idea isn’t on there, then you can very easily make your own recipe tailored to you.


You can easily make too many recipes that clash with each other. In short, the only cons with the app are bad recipes from others or yourself.


One of the more simple and popular tools, Dropbox has been out there for awhile. There is probably a good chance that you already have an account with them. Dropbox makes it incredibly easy to share files, images, and large documents with team members. Over the years dropbox has lost a lot of users to Google Apps since they can offer the same services.


It’s free to use, and is on every mobile device for easy access.


Security has been an issue with Dropbox in the past. You also get a small amount of space with a free account.


One of my all time favorite apps, and one of the first tools I install on a new computer. If you’re like me, you easily get distracted and spend a lot of time on one website. It’s not bad to take a break everyone once in-awhile, but wasting all your time on a site is bad. StayFocused helps you monitor your time on certain sites and helps keep you productive.


Keeps you on task.


Only available on Chrome. There are other alternatives coming soon to firefox and Safari.


Sometimes all these fancy apps and tools might not be for you. Certain people work better with pen and paper, and physically writing things down. If you’re one of these people, you’ll probably love Moleskin. You obviously don’t have to go with Moleskin, but they are very durable and will last as long as you need it to.


Stylish notebook.


Not resistant to water, and doesn’t have cloud services.

There are plenty of apps and tools out there to help you stay focused and organized. It’s all about finding which apps you like, and what tools work best for you and your team. If you know of another great tool that we left out, please leave a comment or tweet at us.


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