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How to Build an Audience with Persuasive Video Marketing

Written by Russell Cragun on May 13, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online
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Video marketing is a challenging new form of customer attraction. While people love videos -- studies show that prospective customers are more likely to watch videos than read chunks of text online -- you need to produce your video in the appropriate manner and include the right messages in order to build your audience and convert prospects into paying customers. According to Cisco, consumer video traffic will reach 69 percent of all global internet traffic by 2017 ,up from the hefty 57 percent that it is currently.

5 Essential Questions To Ask Yourself About The Video Marketing

Recently did a very interesting post about Video Content Marketing that is worth a read if you are getting serious about video marketing. In the article they list 5 questions that you need to ask yourself before creating the video in order to set meaningful and smart goals. They are...

1) What action do I want my viewers to take? (The Goal)

What do you want this video to do? Are you looking to generate for sales on your site? Are you looking for it to generate leads that will eventually lead to more memberships? Or do you just want this video to help build upon and improve your brand recognition?

These are some of the goals you and your team need to discuss before beginning the video marketing process.

2) Who can give me that action? (The Audience)

Who is your target audience? This should always be one of the questions you ask yourself when stating any marketing campaign. If you are selling sports memorabilia then you should target the fans that will buy your stuff. Remember by targeting the right audience your sales and brand awareness will increase dramatically.

3) What’s the core message?

What are you trying to sell or let your customers know? What is the style and mood you want your video to come across? How do you want people to know your brand for?

4) How do I prompt the audience to act?

Good videos end by creating a sense of urgency among viewers that motivates them to take action sooner, rather than later. Thus, most prompts are linked to time, such as “Hurry! Sale ends Tuesday,” or “Check out our IRA plans now, before the contribution deadline on April 15.” (From

5) How do I build ongoing relationships with my viewers?

This is a great chance for you to ask your viewers to do something. For example you can ask them to like you on Facebook, or follow you on Twitter for exclusive promotions. There are other things you can do like offer Ebooks or Whitepapers. They sky is the limit here make sure you are creative, and try to avoid spamming your viewers to the point where they wouldn’t want to visit your site again!

Below are some other ideas that you should consider while building your video marketing strategy.

Be as Brief as Possible

Although in theory you can make videos of any length, very few people have the patience to sit through a video that is hours long, especially if that video is created by an unknown brand. In fact, videos that are less than two minutes long get about 50 percent of all video views. The shorter the video is, the more likely it is to get views.

Depending on the subject matter, it may not be possible to make a video that is only a minute or two long. However, you should always endeavor to make your videos as short as possible to attract customer attention and get them coming back for more videos.

Set Up a Dedicated Channel

In order to increase credibility with your viewers, you should create a video channel for your brand. It's easy to set up a channel on YouTube; simply choose a user name, create a bio and upload a cover photo. Use your brand's name as your user name in order to connect your YouTube channel to your branding and use your logo as your cover photo. You can also feature one of your videos on your channel so that it plays when people check out your YouTube page.

Provide Useful Content

Your videos shouldn't, for the most part, sound like commercials. Instead, start by asking a question that your audience has been thinking about to grab their attention, then use the rest of the video to answer it. If you want, you can put a short (10 second or less) announcement about who you are and what you do in between the introduction and the content; otherwise, keep the video focused on your customers' needs and not on getting people to buy from your brand.

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