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How to convert sales with your product page

Written by Jeff Allen on September 30, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online


Anyone familiar with selling items online knows that simply having the product doesn’t guarantee a sell. Anyone who’s been dropshipping for awhile also knows that simply having a lower price doesn’t mean you’ll necessarily see high profits. Doba has everything you need to get started and keep your business running. We’ve got over 2 million products to choose from, countless suppliers, tools to help optimize your selling experience, and experts waiting to answer any question you may have.

But none of that will amount to anything if you don’t have a good website.

Before we delve deeper into how to make your product page a shopper’s paradise, take a loot at these examples. Here are 15 different websites that all showcase great product pages. Skimming through them, you may think that they’re nothing exceptional. Maybe at first glance, but upon further investigation, you’ll see that all 15 have captured what makes shoppers stick around and, more importantly, buy things.


One of the first things people will notice is how your site looks. That moment when the page finishes loading and everything pops up. Is your website fairly bland? Does it look like you pasted it together in a 3rd-party website design program? Or is it heavily saturated with media, links and (heaven forbid) ads for other businesses?

You’ll notice in the examples given that they all focus solely on the product they’re selling. Highly detailed photos of the product, in-depth descriptions, and product reviews are all readily available, but not overwhelmingly in-your-face.

A visually pleasing website is low-key, but fresh. Technically savvy, but simple. People don’t want to spend hours (ok, it’s seconds. But it feels like hours) digging through all the clutter trying to find a good description of your product. Too many pictures are bound to be ignored because people don’t care if you have 37 photos of a watch. They do care if you have 3 high-quality photos of said watch in a simple scrolling carousel.

Avoiding an Eye Sore

Nothing will make a customer leave your page more quickly than the discomfort that comes from seeing a visually awkward and painful collage of “stuff.” You don’t want to assault your customers with your technical prowess. Rather, you want your product page to have one thing, and one thing only stand out: your product.

Your website shouldn’t scream “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO!!” with a sensory overload of media and text and colors. If you want a product page that sticks out, make one that’s not aggressive. You don’t have to sacrifice professionalism to keep your product page simple.

Limit visuals to a few, high-quality pictures of your product. A video can be readily available if needed, but don’t make it the focus of your page. Descriptions should be short and too the point, without sacrificing detail. A quick paragraph can say everything about your product if you use the right words.

In other words, don’t (ever) let your website look like this:


Seeing Stars

A final word on customer reviews. They’re great. For a myriad of reasons. In a previous article we talked about how they can help build trust with customers. They also look fantastic. A customer who sees those golden stars may not even click the reviews that tag along with them, but they already like your product more than they would have otherwise.

It’s an interesting psychology, those stars. It’s an added comfort to any buying experience, and just seeing them makes customers more at ease. Just having them displayed portrays a number of things to potential shoppers. From showing what others thought of the product, to your own confidence in allowing others to see those experiences, product reviews stick out, and in a good way, to potential shoppers.


If you don’t have a review system in place yet, set one up soon. Don’t harass your shoppers to leave a review, but give them an quick and easy way to do so.

Make it “Pop”

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you want your product page to grab hold of your customer’s attention and not let go. Contrary to what one would think, that doesn’t mean a full-frontal, take-no-prisoners visual barrage. The internet is full of those, and people grow tired of seeing them.

Shoppers don’t have time to delve into the depths of a chaotic product page. Nor do they trust a skin-and-bones, Windows Paint-esque website. They seek the warm, comforting confines of a professionally simple page that highlights all their needs in a quick, easy, and fluid manner. So keep at it. This is your brand. Don’t worry about making a product page that people remember. If they like it, they already will.

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