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Meet 3DCart — Doba’s Newest Certified Integrated Partner

Written by Doba on January 13, 2012 in Company News



For more than a decade, shopping cart provider 3DCart has operated an ecommerce platform that has grown to include 10,000 merchant users throughout the world. And now, 3DCart has partnered with us here at Doba, developing an automated integration that retailers can use to easily tie the extensive Doba catalog to their 3DCart-powered store.

Just recently, 3DCart completed its Application Programming Interface (API) integration with us, becoming Doba's newest Certified Integrated Partner. What exactly does this mean to those contemplating an online business or beefing up their existing business? This partnership means 3DCart can leverage its ecommerce platform, offering its merchants access to new shopping categories and more than 1.75 million name-brand wholesale products currently available through Doba.

What 3DCart has been bringing to the plate for more than 10 years are all the tools needed to create a website and online store. It offers more than 50 website templates as well as the ability for merchants to create their own designs using HTML and CSS. With 3dcart’s 3dZoom, product images are easy to create and enlarge; and its Quick Edit Bar enables design changes to be made in rapid fashion, adding categories, products and web pages in real time.

In addition, 3DCart makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) extremely easy with more than 25 tools to help users to build and market their online store. 3DCart’s social media tools enable merchants to simplify the practice of updating their Twitter and Facebook accounts, as well as blogs from one central location. In fact, merchants can even sell their items directly from Facebook using 3DCart’s solution.

And now, with its fresh integration with Doba, 3DCart merchants have become resellers of our drop ship suppliers products, with instant access to everything in the Doba catalog that they can sell on eBay, Amazon, Facebook, or their own website. And remember that we were an original eBay Certified Service Provider. Among our services is shipping the products 3DCart merchants sell directly from our suppliers to their customers.

Here's how the API Integration works between 3DCart and Doba:

  1. Online merchants select the products they want to sell from Doba's product catalog and save them as an "Inventory List" in their Doba account.
  2. 3DCart reaches out and downloads the merchant's Inventory List to their shopping cart's Online Store Manager.
  3. The merchant lists the Doba products for sale on their online store.
  4. The integration automatically keeps the product data and inventory counts current in 3DCart's Online Store Manager and on the merchant’s website.
  5. When a 3DCart merchant makes a sale, the customer pays the sale price to the merchant, and the merchant in turn pays the wholesale price to Doba, keeping the difference as their profit on the sale.
  6. 3DCart automatically sends the order to Doba for fulfillment.
  7. Doba’s drop-ship suppliers take on the heavy lifting — warehousing the products, the packaging and the shipping.
  8. Doba sends order status updates back to 3DCart's Order Manager when certain milestones have been achieved, such as an order tracking number having been assigned to a shipped item.

For a detailed step-by-step explanation of the process, visit: 3DCart’s Support Page on Doba API Integration.

By combining the resources of Doba and 3DCart, online merchants get a big boost in their ability to take charge in a crowded marketplace. For its part, 3DCart has gone the extra mile to explain how its merchants can best take advantage of the partnership with Doba.

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