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How to be more effective with social media marketing

Written by Spencer Durrant on September 3, 2015 in

woman using computer for social mediaWe recently discussed the importance of a social media marketing plan. With the understanding of why social media marketing is important for an ecommerce business, it’s time to take a look at a few things you can do to be more effective with your social media marketing.

Build relationships

Relationships are the foundation to marketing success. As Seth Godin once said, “It’s easier to love a brand when the brand loves you back.” When customers and followers can see that you consistently care, they’re more likely to buy from you instead of the other guy. 

Social media is an excellent place to build relationships and show customers that you really do love them. But how exactly do you go about building good relationships on social media? Let's take a look at a few tips: 

  • Answer questions quickly. How many times have you tweeted at a company, only to hear back days or weeks later? The lack of a timely response doesn’t do any good for your company on social media. Respond to questions and feedback as quickly as possible.
  • Emphasize valuable content. When you share content that directly addresses the needs of your followers, you start to become the go-to for answers to industry questions. That sort of trust is invaluable and leads directly to more sales. To achieve that status, put an emphasis on sharing valuable content with your followers. Remember the 80-20 rule: 80% of your content should be informational and helpful, while only 20% should be promotional.
  • Ask followers to engage. A great way to foster relationships is by asking your followers to engage with you. Pose questions in your tweets, post links to quizzes on Facebook, and run a photo contest over on Instagram. The ideas are endless, and by having these conversations with your customers, you’ll become more attuned to their needs.

Be consistent

All the work you do with social media will be for nothing if you’re not consistent with it. If there are large gaps between posts, or you post 20 times one day and twice the next, followers aren’t going to respond.

It’s also important that you’re not posting too much. Jesse Torres, host of Money Talk radio and co-creator of Two Men In Your Business, wrote that, “Companies should ensure that their social media strategy, regardless of the number of platforms, provides for meaningful engagement with a target audience.”

The last part of that quote is key - meaningful engagement. If you just blast social media with hundreds of posts and hope that they’ll spur conversation, you’re doing it wrong. It’ll take some work on your part to find the right amount of posts per day for your target audience, but it’s a project worth your time.

Find your most effective channel

Between Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and the many other social networks out there, it can be hard to manage your accounts across these multiple channels. Posts are constructed differently on each network, and it can take a lot of time out of your busy day to manage them all. 

This is why it's worth your time to find the channel(s) through which your social media efforts make the most noise. Do you get more response on Twitter? Or do your posts get more engagement on Facebook? Either way, you need to spend your time where your customers are, and spreading your social media efforts too thin won't help you. 

To find your most effective channel, Social Media Examiner suggests you ask your customers which social media platform they use the most. This is an easy solution, and can be incorporated into a quick survey you can email out to customers. Include an incentive for completing the survey, and you'll receive some valuable information in return. 

You can also search different social media sites to see how many people are discussing your business, or your industry. The more people discussing your business or niche, the better. 

Social media is an important part of succeeding online, but it'll take some hard work on your part to dial in your strategy perfectly for your audience. 

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