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Now's the time to invest in an ecommerce store

Written by Jeff Allen on September 19, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online

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It’s a good day to be an online retailer. eCommerce still has somewhat of a shrouded vibe to it, mostly due to its relative newness, but that cloud is quickly being dispelled. When Amazon started as a company 20 years ago, it was selling books online. No one really thought much of it. It was great, sure, but e-commerce was a novelty. Brick and mortar stores were the norm, had been the norm, and were expected to forever be the norm.

Fast forward 20 years. Amazon now sells over 200 million products, and the eCommerce craze has caught fire and spread across the world. The best part? eCommerce is still in its infancy. We haven’t even begun to crack the potential of selling online. If there ever was a time to jump on the retail locomotive, it’s now.

Numbers Don't Lie

Let’s break down some facts. Nearly 30% of the world’s population shops online, reaching close to 60% during holidays. In the second quarter of this year, eCommerce sales hit $75 billion. Sales have increased 15% from last year, and have increased over 300% in the past ten years in the U.S. alone.

The number of online businesses is growing exponentially every year due to the high demand that consumers have for the online experience. eCommerce is blowing up, and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down.

And as we said before, this is the perfect time to start up. Because eCommerce is still relatively new, people are still stuck in the mindset that old is good. And old is good, but judging by these numbers, new is much, much better, and will continue to be better. So getting into the game before it becomes over-saturated by everyone else is a sure-fire way to gain traction and jump way ahead of the competition.

Is There a Catch?

So if eCommerce is doing so well, why are there still a sizable amount of nay-sayers? There still remain those who say it isn’t/won’t work. Much of the time these people have tried selling online, and haven’t been successful. And most of them experience this because they don’t view selling online as a job.

It very much is a job. Just like you wouldn’t go into the office, turn on your computer, and then kick back all day waiting to get paid without doing any work, don’t expect dropshipping or other forms of selling online to be a walk in the park. It’s not that it’s any more difficult than some given 8-5 office job, people just need to realize that it requires the same mentality and work ethic as that kind of work.

Start Now, When It's Hot

That being said, we’re not trying to turn you off to the idea of selling online. Quite the opposite. We just want you to realize that your hard work is rewarded when it comes to dropshipping. Even better, at Doba we have tools to help optimize the experience. Those of you who are members already enjoy quick listing options, constant updates on hot selling items, and many other benefits. It’s almost like having your own personal secretary. We take care of all the hassles and minor annoyances so you can focus completely on what matters most: your business.

But don’t take our word for it. Take our trial out for a spin. Join over 1 million eCommcerce sites springing up across the U.S. There’s no better time than now to get started. eCommerce is going to become the new norm. Be there when it happens.

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