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Doba Customer Profiled on ProStores Blog: She’s Moving Goods Without a Warehouse or a Forklift

Written by Doba on February 24, 2012 in Online Retailer Spotlight

Doba has long had a mutually beneficial relationship with ProStores, the eBay company that helps small- and medium-sized businesses sell their products and services online. Basically, ProStores provides merchants everything they need to set up, design, and manage a customizable virtual storefront at their own Internet domain, and Doba provides those very same merchants with easy access to the 1.74 million SKUs in our product catalog, all of which can be drop-shipped by our affiliated suppliers to ProStores’ end customer/buyer.

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Meet Doba Member Jerry Rodriguez: Retirement Never Looked So Lucrative

Written by Doba on February 12, 2012 in Online Retailer Spotlight

After three decades working for a telecommunications company, Jerry Rodriguez retired in 2007 and, being a young fellow with lots of energy, opened his own restaurant. Jerry will be the first to tell you there was a flaw in his timing and the economy wasn’t cooperating one bit with his plans.

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Meet 3DCart — Doba’s Newest Certified Integrated Partner

Written by Doba on January 13, 2012 in Company News


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Magento Merchants Now Have Easy Data Exports From Doba for Dropship Products

Written by Doba on November 11, 2011 in Company News

If you use Magento’s ecommerce platform to manage the backend of your online store, you now have an easy way of exporting product data from Doba’s online catalog and importing it into Magento Community Edition or Magento Go Edition.

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Pinnacle Cart is Now a Doba Certified Integration Partner

Written by Doba on October 17, 2011 in Company News

When it comes to shopping cart applications, Pinnacle Cart has long impressed its customers with its SEO-friendly features and what is touted as an incredibly simple-to-use template system. Pinnacle has also impressed those of us here at Doba who observe such things and, as a result of a recent integration, Pinnacle Cart has become a Doba Certified Integration Partner.

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Bigcommerce Merchants Now Have Data Exports From Doba for Dropship Products

Written by Doba on August 17, 2011 in Company News

Merchants using Bigcommerce to power a successful online store now have a simple way of exporting drop-ship product information from Doba that’s easy to upload to a Bigcommerce-powered store.

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Volusion Customers Now Get Easier Data Exports For Doba Dropship Products

Written by Doba on August 5, 2011 in Company News

Retailers using Volusion’s award-winning platform to open, manage and grow an online business now have an easier way to export product information from Doba that’s configured to properly upload to a Volusion-powered store.

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Dropshipping: A Smarter Way to Buy Wholesale Products

Written by Doba on May 10, 2011 in Strategies & Tips

Learn how drop shipping compares to bulk wholesale buying and which approach is right for you.

Wholesale products, by definition, are products and merchandise that are purchased in bulk from a  wholesaler by a retailer who will normally turn around and sell them to consumers. The basic idea is the more you buy at a time, the less you pay for each individual piece. This is exactly how retailers like Walmart can offer such low prices. Walmart buys more products from wholesalers than pretty much anybody on the planet, so they can demand a lower wholesale price than anybody else and, in turn, sell those products, accessories, and items to you and me for less while still making money.

The same principle works for online retail. If you are launching a fashion accessories website, the traditional way to get products and items of merchandise at a good price is by approaching a wholesaler, say a wholesale apparel supplier, and buying all of your wholesale merchandise in bulk. This is great, because now you can buy 40 faux-alligator purses (retail $150) for $80 each and turn around and sell them for $120 each and make $40 for every purse sold. Wholesaling is awesome, right? It absolutely can be, but first let's make sure we're seeing all the cons as well as the pros.

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Troubleshooting Doba: Canceling Orders and Managing Returns

Written by Ashlee Toney on May 29, 2010 in Doba Features and Policies

For those first-time online retailers who are new to Doba, brushing up on policies and terms and conditions might seem overwhelming at first glance. Some of these policies might even appear to be a bit unfair, until you explore them from someone else’s point of view.

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