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Pinnacle Cart is Now a Doba Certified Integration Partner

Written by Doba on October 17, 2011 in Company News


When it comes to shopping cart applications, Pinnacle Cart has long impressed its customers with its SEO-friendly features and what is touted as an incredibly simple-to-use template system. Pinnacle has also impressed those of us here at Doba who observe such things and, as a result of a recent integration, Pinnacle Cart has become a Doba Certified Integration Partner.

What exactly does that mean? It means Pinnacle Cart has successfully completed a technical integration with our database of products, enabling its customers to pile on thousands of Doba products to their web stores, thus increasing their online inventories. This integration also means Pinnacle’s customers can process orders from their store and Doba simply and efficiently.

Pinnacle Cart has attracted some of the top online stores on the Internet, including Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies, which was featured on the Rachel Ray Show. One of the attractions is Pinnacle’s ability to make designing and managing your online store an easy, by-the-numbers process. For instance, its drag and drop design tools enable merchants to create a professional-looking storefront, and those merchants don’t have to possess an ounce of Web programming experience. And for designers who want to customize their storefront, they have complete access to all of Pinnacle’s HTML/CSS pages.

In addition, Pinnacle is known for its professionally trained support team that is available to assist with any issues a customer might encounter. In addition to video tutorials, user manuals, design manuals and knowledge-based articles, Pinnacle offers accessible staff members who won’t quit until you’ve arrived at a solution to your problem.

As a Doba Certified Integration Partner, Pinnacle becomes an official reseller of Doba’s services, enabling its customers to painlessly add Doba to their hosting subscription. By combining the assets of Doba and Pinnacle, this partnership adds strength to online merchants, whether they’re well established or just getting started.

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