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4 awesome examples of St. Patrick's Day specials for online stores

Written by Spencer Durrant on March 1, 2016 in Strategies & Tips

st. patrick's day specials featured imageSt. Patrick's Day isn't often looked at as a huge day for ecommerce revenue, but your online store can still benefit from running some St. Patrick's Day specials. 

The problem is, how can you relate St. Patrick's Day to your online store? Unless you're selling beer, green shirts, or four-leaf clovers, you might have a hard time seeing a St. Patrick's Day connection to your products. 

That's the problem this blog post will answer. 

Treat it like a real holiday

St. Patrick's Day isn't just a holiday for those of Irish descent, or people who love beer. It's an event that has a large worldwide following. According to,

"On 17th March a lot of folks go a tad bit Irish. In fact, over 80 million people worldwide claim ancestral connection to Ireland, aka the Emerald Isle. St Patrick’s Day is not only celebrated on the Emerald Isle, but in many parts of the world. For instance, roughly 40% of Americans go green mid-March, spending over USD 4.14 billion around this time."

This is just one reason you should treat St. Patrick's Day like any other holiday. It has a rabid, niche following and you can easily capitalize on that if you position your store correctly.

Guinness, a beer company, put together a commercial a few years ago that illustrates how they view St. Patrick's Day. 

This video illustrates just how much people care about St. Patrick's Day and gives you an idea of the potential market you can tap into if you run any specials on this holiday.

Don't go overboard with green

This is a mistake a ton of ecommerce stores make - on St. Patrick's day, they'll change every color on their site to different shades of green. That's not a great idea.

As Presta Shop points out, take a look at Priceline's St. Patrick's Day specials page:Priceline-St.-Patricks-Day.png

As the above linked blog post points out, Priceline nailed it with using the right amount of green on their page to get in the St. Patty's Day spirit - but they didn't overdo it.

Put a ton of products on sale

This is a tip that works better for larger online retailers, or retailers who are using dropshipping for fulfillment and can quickly add products to their catalog.

We're all familiar with Amazon's "sell everything in the entire world for the lowest possible price" approach to ecommerce. For Amazon, that strategy has proven ridiculously profitable. Take a look at their St. Patrick's Day specials page, for example.


It's a menagerie of products, some of which aren't even remotely related to St. Patrick's Day (like the green laptop). Regardless, putting a bunch of your products on sale is a strategy you can use on a scale that suits the size of your business . You can see more success with it if you follow Amazon's model of using some products that are directly related to St. Patty's Day - the charmed locket and Celtic earrings being prime examples.

Regardless of how much of a connection your sale products have to St. Patrick's Day, a sale is a sale - and customers will come so long as you present reliable value with your sale items. 

Go literal

In a blog post from, I found a very literal interpretation of running a St. Patrick's Day special.

In 2015, 1-800-Flowers ran a promotion that that gave customers 17% off products (St. Patrick's Day is always the 17th), and the coupon code was LUCKYFFTN.

The unique percentage off (how often do you see items on sale for 17% off?) surely caught the attention of consumers. You can use that same technique for St. Patrick's Day specials in your own store. 

Americans alone spend $4.14 billion around St. Patrick's Day. Running St. Patrick's Day specials in your online store is a surefire way to get a piece of that pretty big pie, and participating in these "smaller" sales days is a great technique to position your store for the year's bigger sales days.

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