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Supplier updates: Wetterhorn, Sea of Diamonds, Baker and Taylor

Written by Jeff Allen on November 11, 2014 in Company News


We’ve had some recent changes to our marketplace, so read on to find out if any of your suppliers have updated/changed information about their products.

Accutech (Wetterhorn)

If you’ve found success selling the electronics/office supplies offered by Wetterhorn, you may want to take a peek at the new shipping rates offered by the brand Accutech.  With Christmas right around the corner, customers are going to be going into overdrive looking for a good deal, and Accutech offers just that.  Accutech is now offering $7 shipping on any order, no matter how large.  This means you can start planning for the big bucks as you ship at a low-cost fixed rate.  Utilize this new and awesome change as you give your customers a much better deal, as well as making more money for yourself. 

And as long as we’re on the topic of Wetterhorn, do any of you sell Verbatim brand products?  If not, you may want to jump on this little gem.  Well, more of a giant diamond, really.  Dropshipping is all about finding that right niche to sell your product to.  But more than just finding the right niche, you need to right product.  Namely, one that has a fairly good wholesale/MSRP margin.  Verbatim is a top-selling brand with huge margins, some as big as 50% or more.  Hot stuff for the holidays, to be sure.  If Verbatim’s products fit with your niche, or even if you just want to sell popular products, you might want to give Verbatim a shot.

Sea of Diamonds

With a name like that, you can’t help but stop to check out what this supplier is offering for the holidays.  With Christmas coming up, Sea of Diamonds decided to give the gift of giving--free shipping--this year.  This will be a great way for your customers to save money this year (meaning they have more money to spend), and a great way for you to make a higher profit.  Make sure your customers know about this seasonal deal, so they can start saving right away.

Baker and Taylor

Free shipping is great, to be sure, but what’s Christmas without low prices?  Supplier Baker and Taylor have just lowered prices on most of their products.  The prices have been updated to our marketplace, so you can check out the new pricing.  You’ll notice that pricing on books and the like has dropped anywhere from 3-10%, while media (CDs, DVDs, vinyl records) has been dropped 6-8%.  Make sure you update your websites accordingly, so you can start taking advantage of these deals immediately.

That’s all we’ve got for you!  Good luck during the holiday season!

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