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The Best Ecommerce Blogs to Follow

Written by Russell Cragun on June 14, 2016 in Strategies & Tips
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As a new retailer you should keep up-to-date on all the relevant ecommerce news and best industry practices to help run your store. There are many websites and blogs to follow that provide premium content and learning for free, and I highly recommend that you bookmark some of these web sources, or subscribe to their blogs (and ours) so you don’t miss any updates.

A Better Lemonade Stand

This is a great ecommerce blog that is run by Richard Lazazzera, who does a lot of work for Shopify. The blog mostly follows his own journey running his ecommerce store. This blog is not updated a weekly basis, however, when it is updated it’s very well detailed and very informative.


This fantastic site is run by Andrew Youderian and Laura Serrino, who are both experts in the world of online retailing. They host a ecommerce podcast with some great information that goes great with their blog. eCommerceFuel also has a private member section that is an amazing place for retailers to gather together and teach each other. Unfortunately, the private membership isn’t open to everyone; to get in you’ll have to apply. If you’re accepted, then you’ll be able to access all the resources.

Practical ecommerce

This is a great site that really lives up to its name. It breaks down the basics of ecommerce for anyone to understand. They are constantly on the hunt for great new tools and features to help their subscribers. They also have an amazing social media team that is always posting relevant content. If you’re on Twitter then I recommend that you follow them.


The Hubspot blog is most likely one of the largest resources out there for anyone running a business. They are an inbound marketing hub that help people reach and convert more customers. Their blog covers everything from ecommerce to the customer journey. They will help you understand how to acquire customers and how to improve your site. They are also teaming up with other sites to host relevant and powerful webinars. Their weekly newsletters are a must for any business owner.  

KISS Metrics

KISS Metrics is another great marketing blog that will help you understand how to run your site better. It does a great job at diving into optimization and the analytical side of running a website. They have a research team that always delivers well researched posts, and I swear they figure out why some of your efforts are failing even before you know they need fixing. I highly recommend KISS Metrics as a ecommerce resource.


BigCommerce is a good blog to follow since they are a shopping cart company, and understand the struggles that many shop owners might experience. They have a blog team that updates their content on a weekly basis. Their content may not be the most advanced but it’s great for those just getting on their feet.

Get Elastic

Get Elastic has the largest ecommerce blog by subscribers. They are constantly improving their site and content. Over the years they have received rewards from entrepreneur magazine, and Wall Street Journal for their outstanding content.


Over the years Moz has made the transformation from SEOMoz to Moz. Over that time frame they have shifted their primary focus from SEO to marketing and conversion. They focus on converting customers, and making the customer journey as smooth as possible. At Moz, they have an amazing weekly feature called “Whiteboard Friday” where they break down complicated conversion topics. The videos usually run somewhere between 10-20 minutes, and are a great way to start your day.

ecommerce Platforms

As the name might hint, Ecommerce Platform is great for reviewing ecommerce software and tools. They have side-by-side reviews and comparisons on many ecommerce platforms so you can feel more confident in the software you use for your store, or it will give you some ideas on how to improve it.

Bootstrapping eCommerce

Lastly, here is another great ecommerce blog that is geared towards those who are just starting out and have a new store. They usually cover topics that will help build a professional looking store, or that gives valuable information on attracting customers and making more sales.

Follow these blogs and other ecommerce blogs you come across and you’ll be able to gain new knowledge  and insight to apply to your own business. Of course, there are plenty of other great ecommerce blogs out there that provide some great content, so make sure that you always keep an eye out for other great blogs and resources!

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