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The Do's and Don'ts of Infographics

Written by Russell Cragun on May 9, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online
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Infographics are an effective way to share a story with data points and imagery so your audience can easily consume your content. When designed properly, these images can capture people's attention and lead to lots of shares on social media while providing useful information that can help prospects decide to work with a brand. In order to maximize the effectiveness of your infographic campaign, you need to understand what to do -- and not to do -- when designing and sharing your infographics.

Don't Overload Infographics

Infographics must offer viewers an attractive mix of visually-based information. Many brands are tempted to dump a bunch of information into their infographics -- don't do it. Too much text or information that is not presented in a visual enough manner will make viewers feel overwhelmed.

When it comes to the amount of text on an infographic, less is more. Put only the most relevant or shocking statistics on your infographic, and keep them to a maximum of three. In addition, if there's a visual way to present info, use it. Incorporate bar graphs, pie charts and other visuals into your infographics whenever possible. Here is an example of a infographic being overloaded with too much information, and not containing enough graphs and eye candy for the reader.

Do Use Creative Graphing Methods

Although you want to use graphs and charts, you don't want to lay them out in the same way you would on Excel or in a PowerPoint presentation. Instead, use creative methods whenever possible. For example, a color-coded watch, map or other graphic is better than a standard bar graph or pie chart. You can reference a infographic that we did on for Black Friday a year ago for a good example. Also, get some creative ideas by looking at these 83 Infograpic Examples featured by Creative Bloq.

Don't Assume Your Audience Knows Technical Terms

Be careful when including technical or uncommon terms on infographics. If your audience doesn't understand what you're talking about, they won't pay much attention to your infographic. Use the simplest language possible to make infographics easy to understand. Here is another bad example, unless you know exactly what they are talking about this infographic might not be for you.

Do Include Relevant Statistics

Don't be afraid to include statistics or other relevant numbers on your infographics. As long as you share this information visually, people should be able to understand it. Statistics can help bolster your point by demonstrating the effectiveness -- or ineffectiveness -- of customer actions. The Business Intelligence company Domo does a great job at creating infographics with relevant information. Check out their latest one here.

Don't Wait for People to Share It

Infographics are meant to be shared. Their visual appeal and relevant data make it likely that people will post and repost on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even Instagram. However, one of the biggest mistakes you can make when embarking on an infographic campaign is waiting for people to discover your infographic. Don't leave it buried in your website and hope that people will find and post it. Instead, post it yourself on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages and encourage your followers to share and comment. Here is a helpful article from Moz that can help you share your infographic and profit from it.

Do Make it Easy to Share

To make sharing easier, make your infographic as small as possible. Large infographics not only overwhelm people, but also take a longer time to download, making it less likely people will enjoy and share them. In addition to making your infographic small, you should place social media buttons next to it on your website so that people who find it there can quickly share it on social media. Here is an easy tool that can help you create an embed code so people can easily share your infographics.

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