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Holiday closure schedule for Doba suppliers

Written by Jeff Allen on November 18, 2014 in Company News


Happy (almost) Holidays!  You’re sure to be feeling the stress anxiety that come with trying to fill an avalanche of orders as the holidays swing around this year.  Well, we’re hoping to help curb that stress a bit by giving you a heads-up on important dates with our suppliers.  

Many of the suppliers you buy from will be closing the day of, as well as the day after, Christmas.  However, we thought it would be best just to give you a list of all the suppliers who will be closing, and when, for the holidays.  We’d also like you to keep in mind shipping cut-off dates.  Orders need to be shipped by Dec. 15th to make it in time for Christmas.  

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Supplier updates: Wetterhorn, Sea of Diamonds, Baker and Taylor

Written by Jeff Allen on November 11, 2014 in Company News

We’ve had some recent changes to our marketplace, so read on to find out if any of your suppliers have updated/changed information about their products.

Accutech (Wetterhorn)

If you’ve found success selling the electronics/office supplies offered by Wetterhorn, you may want to take a peek at the new shipping rates offered by the brand Accutech.  With Christmas right around the corner, customers are going to be going into overdrive looking for a good deal, and Accutech offers just that.  Accutech is now offering $7 shipping on any order, no matter how large.  This means you can start planning for the big bucks as you ship at a low-cost fixed rate.  Utilize this new and awesome change as you give your customers a much better deal, as well as making more money for yourself. 

And as long as we’re on the topic of Wetterhorn, do any of you sell Verbatim brand products?  If not, you may want to jump on this little gem.  Well, more of a giant diamond, really.  Dropshipping is all about finding that right niche to sell your product to.  But more than just finding the right niche, you need to right product.  Namely, one that has a fairly good wholesale/MSRP margin.  Verbatim is a top-selling brand with huge margins, some as big as 50% or more.  Hot stuff for the holidays, to be sure.  If Verbatim’s products fit with your niche, or even if you just want to sell popular products, you might want to give Verbatim a shot.

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New price changes for FragranceNet

Written by Jeff Allen on October 14, 2014 in Company News

For any of you who sell products from FragranceNet, we’ve got some good news. Due to the high volume of products sold through Doba, they’ve offered a 3% decrease in their prices. This decrease affects over 19 thousand products. Chances are, if you sell FragranceNet products, you’ll see a change in pricing. On the flip side, there has been an increase of price on a few of their products. However, this affects only 750 items. Make sure to update your item descriptions to match the new prices.

If you’re new to FragranceNet, they are one of the top-selling companies of perfume, cologne and other skincare products, as well as candles, aromatherapy and more. In the fragrance business since ‘97, they’ve shipped more than 10 million products. Your customers can be assured that all of FragranceNet’s products are 100% guaranteed name-brand. Fragrances are generally a hot seller here at Doba. So if you’re thinking of selling this type of product, consider FragranceNet.

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Announcing new drops in pricing for Baker and Taylor

Written by Russell Cragun on August 14, 2014 in Company News



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Announcing new drops in pricing for alphabroder

Written by Jeff Allen on August 6, 2014 in Company News

Without knowing it, millions of people wear apparel and accessories distributed by alphabroder. Consumers may not recognize the company's name, but clothiers and promotional agencies certainly do. Whether the item is a company golf shirt, a t-shirt from a rock concert, or a souvenir shirt from a vacation destination, chances are it has passed through one of alphabroder's many distribution centers in the United States. alphabroder supplies imprintable apparel and accessories to screenprinters, embroiderers, promotional products distributors, athletic dealers and other businesses. Now offering flat rate shipping of $6 per order. Browse over 95,000 products in Doba's catalog here.

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Phone Support Hours on October 25th

Written by Doba on October 21, 2013 in Company News

Just a quick announcement that our company will be celebrating Doba Day this upcoming Friday (October 25th) and, consequently, we'll only be offering phone support between 7am and 9am that morning.

If you need assistance throughout the day, we'll still have agents operating our Live Chat support (found in the Help Center once you've logged in to your Doba account) throughout the entire day. We will also do our best to respond to emails received over the course of the day.

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Visit us at IRCE 2013

Written by Doba on May 3, 2013 in Company News

Just a heads up, Doba will be operating a booth at this year's Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition in Chicago from June 4th through June 7th and we'd love to see you there, we'll be at booth #1707. 

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Meet 3DCart — Doba’s Newest Certified Integrated Partner

Written by Doba on January 13, 2012 in Company News


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Magento Merchants Now Have Easy Data Exports From Doba for Dropship Products

Written by Doba on November 11, 2011 in Company News

If you use Magento’s ecommerce platform to manage the backend of your online store, you now have an easy way of exporting product data from Doba’s online catalog and importing it into Magento Community Edition or Magento Go Edition.

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Pinnacle Cart is Now a Doba Certified Integration Partner

Written by Doba on October 17, 2011 in Company News

When it comes to shopping cart applications, Pinnacle Cart has long impressed its customers with its SEO-friendly features and what is touted as an incredibly simple-to-use template system. Pinnacle has also impressed those of us here at Doba who observe such things and, as a result of a recent integration, Pinnacle Cart has become a Doba Certified Integration Partner.

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