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Written by Jeff Allen on July 21, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online

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In January of this year there was a remarkable 861,379,000 registered host names on the web. That’s a lot. And while only 180,000,000 of them were listed as being active, that’s 179,999,999 websites (assuming you have your own) competing against you in the Brand Game.

Breaking the numbers down even further, according to this study, only 110,000 of those websites are ecommerce sites based here in the U.S. That’s still way more than anyone trying to sell online really wants to see. When building the brand for your ecommerce site, you look at that number and immediately start thinking “Ok. I need to make my brand stand out. I need a unique web experience that nobody else has.” So what you do you? You hop online and look up tips to better your brand.

Great idea, as many articles (including this one) have extremely helpful tips on how to make your brand shine. A major word of caution needs to be said, however. You need to consider the fact that you aren’t the only person who’s received this unique advice. If everyone is following the same advice, we’re back to square one, with the same problem.

Hopefully this article will give you more than just your “1-2-3” tips. Hopefully it will give you some quality, useful information that you can use to make your own, unique brand.


Be Creative

Here’s an interesting fact: 100% of people (that’s everyone) has the ability to be creative. However, according to this study, only 25% of people think they’re living up to their creative potential. Many of these people, when asked if they were creative, said no because they didn’t find themselves to be very artistic.

Here’s another interesting fact: creative doesn't mean artistic.

When you’re building your brand, be creative. Look at things in a different light. Present your ideas in an original way. Be the odd duck. We live in a world where individualism is quickly losing its steam, so make your brand the one that doesn’t follow conventions. The more quirky your brand is, the more likely people will notice it.

When it comes to dropshipping, standing out from the crowd will make all the difference. You’re competing against many other people selling the same product for the same price. So why would someone want to buy from you?

Simple. Your brand stands out.

Add a twist to the photos you post. Put a distinctive style in your descriptions. Have a particular theme you like? Style your brand around it. Do everything to make your brand all about you. Which leads us to the next point, and that’s to


Be You

fish bowls

One of the biggest causes of getting lost in the crowd is when people try to shape their brand off of other popular brand. This never works. Why? Because it’s not unique and people see that. A wonderful quote to take into mind when making your brand is “Just be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

There is something singularly unique about you that no other brand will have. Emphasize that.

In your “About” section, be quirky. Write down your likes and dislikes, interesting stories, embarrassing moments. The word “brand” has evolved. It no longer means “business entity.” Building a personal brand means building a brand that’s personable.

Get your customers involved with you. Have open discussions with them. Negative feedback? Respond quickly and respectfully. Someone have a great experience with you? Let them you know you’re happy.

Connect with your customers. Use social media like you would with friends and family. Chances are, you’ll be in contact with customers more than other people on social media. If you create friends, you create a shareable experience that they’ll tell their friends about.


Choose Your Own Adventure

winner is you

Ultimately, no one can tell you how to successfully build your brand. All the advice you can find out on the web is fantastic, but it’s generalized. Everyone’s personal advice is based off of their personal experience.

This is only helpful to a certain extent. For your brand to truly shine, you need to add your own personal flair. Stop worrying about the competition, and start being you.

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