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7 habits of highly effective ecommerce pros

Written by Jeff Allen on October 17, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online


Ecommerce is fantastic. The idea that you can sit at home, listening to your favorite music, watching the latest episode of your new show, all the while running a profitable business seems like a dream come true. For many people out there, ecommerce really is their dream job. Tens of thousands of those people have turned that wishful thinking into a full-blown online business, and have exceeded even their own expectations.

But ecommerce isn’t easy. It’s a rapidly evolving business that requires constant research, monitoring, and changes. Many of the most successful retail companies aren't run by one person. It would be too much for one person to keep up, which is why many give up on ecommerce: it can be overwhelming.

Luckily, Doba has a wide arsenal of tools to help you create, shape, and perfect your business. All of our tools can be found on our main website, but we’re going to break down some of the important ones to help you effectively and efficiently run your online business.

Make Your Website

You probably already have in mind the type of website you want. You’re probably pretty proud of the idea as well. But just having a website doesn't really get you too far. You need to turn your website into a store. Pinnacle Cart is an easy-to-use tool that helps you transform your website into a working, attractive, and efficient store optimized for multiple devices. It’s designed to create your store in as little time as possible, so you can get to selling right away.

Secure Payment Option

Once your store is ready, you’ll want to have a secure payment option. PayPal is a great choice. It’s also one of the most widely used payment options online. People can pay in a variety of methods, while you and they both have the added security that PayPal offers. PayPal also gives buyers the option to choose when they pay: you get paid by PayPal immediately, but PayPal acts like a credit card for the buyer.

Legalize Your Business

Many people who go into ecommerce fail to recognize that at online business is still a business, and all businesses need to be licensed. Different states have different laws, but Legal Zoom can help you determine how to best go about the ordeal. The differences between LLC and Inc. can be confusing, but Legal Zoom makes the process easy, and shows you which is best for your business. They help you make the best tactical decisions so that your business will be the most profitable while staying within the guidelines of the law.


This is a heavily covered topic in our blog and across our site. If ever there was a single key point of an effective business, it would be research. Until you know how to effectively research, and know what your research means, you’re business will flounder.

Luckily, Doba offers Terapeak to help you optimize the researching experience. Terapeak offers a unique look into both the eBay and Amazon marketplace, with data covering what/when/and at what price items are selling. Know which items people want the most, what they’re willing to pay, and when the busiest shopping times are with Terapeak.


Here’s one a lot of people miss. You’ve got all the products you could possibly want from our marketplace. You’ve set up a nice online store listing all the products you want to sell. But you’re missing one key element that will make all the difference in your shoppers’ eyes: product reviews.

TestFreaks Data gives you more than 25 million professional and customer reviews. The best ecommerce sites out there always put up product reviews so their customers know what to expect. By incorporating reviews into your own site, you’re giving your customers one more reason to shop from you.

Social Media

Any successful online business knows that social media is crucial to their effectiveness. Social media has essentially become the way customers communicate and interact with businesses. If you don’t incorporate social media into your business, you are seriously handicapping your success.

Heyo is about as easy as it gets when it comes to social media campaigns. They offer a multitude of templates for you to use across many different social media platforms. No code is required. You pick the style of campaign you want, drag and drop it onto the social media of your choice. It really is that simple. Keeping your customers engaged with you through social media is a sure-fire way to boost the success of your business.

Grow Your Business

Unless you only sell online as a hobby, there will come a point when you need to expand your business. The one thing that many people lack when it comes to expansion is enough equity. One of the tools Doba offers is extremely helpful in that department.

Kabbage offers a quick and easy way to get online business credit. It offers direct deposit, and you only have to take what you need. It’s a pay as you go type of service, so there are no hidden fees or costs. The entire application process is online, so approval is instant. Get the money you need, when you need it, so you can turn your business into the business you know it can be.

Experience Success through Effectiveness

The more effective you are running your online business, the more success you’ll see. Ecommerce is a competitive marketplace where having what people want no longer guarantees their shopping from you. You need to stand out from all the other sites, the dregs, if you will.

Many people jump online, thinking ecommerce is a “get-rich” experience. It’s not, and don’t be that person. Use these tips, as well as our other tools, and you’ll see that while running an online business can be tough, it’s definitely doable. In fact, if you run it effectively, it’s an enjoyable and profitable experience.

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