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The best products to sell during the 2015 holiday season

Written by Spencer Durrant on October 30, 2015 in Strategies & Tips

image of christmas tree decorationFinding the best holiday products to sell isn't an easy task regardless of your experience in online selling. 

The following list highlights some of the products and categories to sell during this year's holiday shopping season. 

Gift sets

Any product with the terms "gift" or "set" in the title sell very well during this time of year. 

Product bundles are already one of the most effective forms to increase your revenue per sale and offer more perceived value to customers. Introduce the "gift" and "holiday" themes to the bundles, and you'll be able to sell more gift sets this time of year. 

Another example to illustrate just how well "sets" sell: remember how popular DVD sets were as gifts before the advent of streaming and digital copies of movies? Even with their decline, the entertainment industry still sold 700 million DVDs in 2012, according to a Forbes article

Other popular gift sets to sell are ones that include beauty products - like fragrances, hair products, or jewelry. A search on Google for "best holiday products" brings up almost an entire page of beauty-related gifts. 

Electronics accessories

Electronics are a tough item to sell, especially during the holidays. With razor-thin margins, it's hard for smaller retailers to compete with the big-box sellers when it comes to selling things like tablets, TVs, and phones. 

But accessories - like phone cases and screen protectors - have very high margins and can easily be sold at cheap prices. These are also great options to be bundled together into a gift set. 


This is another hot category that can prove to be profitable for smaller retailers. Outerwear - like gloves, scarves, and boots - are some of the best-selling items during the holiday season. 

Apparel is generally a more difficult category to succeed in, simply because brand awareness and loyalty tend to play a large part in customers' apparel buying habits. However, the holiday season gives retailers who may not sell clothing year-round a unique opportunity to capitalize on apparel sales. 

To get in on the clothing action, you can offer ugly Christmas sweaters, t-shirts, and Santa Claus hats to name just a few options. If you theme these products around your company, you can create a unique set of products. You could even include these clothing items as free giveaways or "bonus items" to entice customers to buy from you instead of a competitor. 


Between family and office parties, plenty of people are looking to decorate for the holidays. Home decor items - like lights, craft supplies, and other holiday supplies - are great products to sell, and don't require a lot of brand power behind them to convince customers to buy. 

You can market these products to the people who will be planning and throwing parties, as they'll be spending time researching ideas online and looking for items to spruce up their get-together. If you have the advertising budget, you can promote some of your decor items on holiday planning sites, or through your own blog posts

Where do I find these products?

Knowing what products are going to sell well is half the battle, but quickly finding a reliable source for those products is another challenge on its own. 

All of the products mentioned in this article can be found in the Doba catalog. With a free 7-day trial, you'll have the ability to source these products quickly, feature them in your store, and start selling immediately.


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