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Meet our Newest Supplier, Allied Vaughn

Written by Doba on June 10, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online


Doba is pleased to announce that Allied Vaughn has added a wide selection of titles from the content libraries of select studios, networks, record labels and content publishers. Many of these publishers include common house hold names like The Warner Archive Collection, MGM Limited Edition Collection, Sony Choice Collection, Fox Cinema Archives Collection, Universal Vault Series, Disney Educational and many more. With Allied Vaughn you get access to television seasons and collections from networks like CBS, HBO and MTV.

Don’t Forget About Music!

With the growing demand of streaming music and mp3 downloads it is becoming increasingly hard to find CDs and actual physical copies of the albums you love. Allied Vaughn is perfect for those looking for those hard to find albums and classics. You will be able to browse the catalog filled with Essential Media Group labels and Song Music Entertainment. Find your favorite artist and CDs in all genres and eras of Folk, Blues, Jazz, Classical, World, Rock, R&B, Pop, Hip Hop, Dancehall, Raggeton and Dance/Electronic music.

Why There Is Such A Demand For DVDs?

Because so many people have begun streaming their movies through services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime, many people have forgotten about a lot of classic films that helped shape the entertainment industry we now know today. In addition to that there are other services out there like Redbox that only offer a very limited amount of movies and sections.

Due to the changes we have seen in video rentals and the way people purchase things have made it increasingly difficult to find some older movies or even well known movies, the same goes with the music industry and others. For those who love to have a physical copy of their favorite movies and TV series Allied Vaughn is the perfect solution.

Wait! There’s More!

Allied Vaughn also has access to 100s of different documentary movies to choose from. You will be able to select from trusted networks like National Geographic, Monarch Films and Vision Video. These selections would make a great addition to your video collection for your children to watch and learn from, or great for teachers and schools looking to educate their students with the highest quality material.

Why Buy From Allied Vaughn?

Well its simple really, because they have the lowest prices around! Because of their license and agreement with these networks and labels they have direct access to these movies and media, which means you save a lot of money. This would be a great addition to any shopping cart or online store.

Check out the Doba Marketplace today and check out the latest additions with Allied Vaughn today. Through Allied Vaughn’s Media on Demand Collection, you can deliver your customers the titles they want today with zero cost to you and never a title out of stock or delisted!

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