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New Features: Product Feed, Improved Search and Sorting

Written by Matt Bailey on November 18, 2013 in Doba Features and Policies

Today we’re going to talk about a few new features that Doba’s rolled out over the past few weeks that you might not have been aware of: the Product Feed, improved search, and the ability to sort by profit margin.

Each of these features have been in demand for a while now and we expect that they’ll be a big help to our retailers as they scour the catalog for new products to sell.

The Product Feed

If you’ve logged into your Doba account recently, you’ve probably noticed something a little different upon logging in: the Product Feed. Instead of showing you the default catalog view, the first thing you’ll see upon logging in is this feed which displays featured products, our newest suppliers, and most importantly: trending products.


Trending Products shows you real-time information on which products in the Doba catalog are currently trending—that means they’re getting a lot of interest in the form of views, orders, and so forth. If a product shows up on this list, it means a number of Doba retailers are selling it, planning to sell it, or ordering it for themselves.

Speaking of ordering it for themselves, trending products helped me find my most recent technology purchase: a wireless keyboard from Apple. Doba’s pricing was so good that I went ahead and ordered it as an early Christmas present for myself. Until I saw it in the feed, I didn’t even know that Doba had a supplier with Apple keyboards; so you could say that I’m a pretty big fan of this feature now.

From a more resale-oriented perspective, if you see a product is trending, we’re not saying that you should go out and sell that particular product online (although you’re welcome to do so), but it would absolutely be worthwhile to try and figure out why that product is selling so well, then look for comparable products to offer (probably from the same supplier) that haven’t been discovered yet.

Improved Search

As we mentioned earlier, Doba’s search has undergone a substantial upgrade—the underlying search algorithm has been improved, which means you should start seeing significantly more relevant products while searching within the catalog. You can expect these results to become better and better over time as we continue to refine this algorithm in order to better help you find the kind of products you’re interested in selling.

Improved Sorting

One of the changes to accompany the improved search algorithm is the “most relevant” sorting option, which is exactly as it sounds—results will be displayed based on how close they match your search. But perhaps more exciting is the new sorting option labeled “Default” which will display your results based on which products have the highest profit margin, helping you to quickly identify which products have the greatest earning potential for your business.

One caveat to keep in mind on the “Default” sorting by profit margin is that it might take a little while before every product is accurately sorted in our system, but rest assured that we’re working with our suppliers to get this rolled out across our entire catalog.

As someone who has worked at Doba for a few years, I can attest to the fact that our old catalog could be frustrating to navigate because of the limited search functionality, so I’m extremely pleased with these changes and we think they’ll be a big help for you as you gear up your merchandising this holiday season.

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