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How Doba provides small business shipping solutions

Written by Ashlee Toney on May 16, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online


Shipping can be a confusing part of business to tackle, whether you’re a start up business, or an established business. This post will show you how Doba provides small business shipping solutions that save companies money. 

Below are the shipping strategies our suppliers may be offering on the Doba platform today, and what they mean. It will also walk you through an easy way of determining how to locate what strategy the supplier is setup as in the Doba catalog.

Doba Shipping Options


Several suppliers on the Doba platform choose to offer “Free” shipping. This means the shipping has been included in the price of the item. This allows our retailers the ability to ship anywhere in the Continental US without having to figure out variable shipping costs per zone. It’s also important to keep in mind that shipping charges may apply during the returns process for certain suppliers who provide free shipping. To locate suppliers with a “Free” shipping strategy in the Doba catalog, the shipping cost will be displayed as $0 in the ‘estimated shipping cost’ field on the product page, or in the data export in the shipping cost field.

Fixed/Flat Rate

Many of our suppliers also offer a flat rate shipping cost per order. In these instances, the shipping cost is a flat rate regardless of the quantity of product ordered. You can see what suppliers have a fixed shipping cost by looking at the supplier’s scorecard within Doba’s catalog. The scorecard will show “Set cost per order” and will display the fixed cost per order that is to be billed.


The final shipping strategy offered on Doba is a variable shipping cost. This depends on the supplier’s location, the end buyer’s ship-to address, the weight of the product, whether it’s shipping freight (LTL – less than truckload), etc. It’s important to understand that the end customer’s shipping “zone” can make a big difference in the shipping cost. Additionally, there are residential fees, rural fees, fuel surcharges, and other costs that may be included in the shipping cost per the shipping carrier.

If the product being shipped must be shipped via freight courier (LTL) then the shipping cost is much higher (normally $125 or above). If shipping freight, the freight courier requires a phone number to schedule the delivery. Keep this in mind for any items in our catalog that require freight. This is normally indicated with a notice in the description, a notice in the supplier notes (shown in red on each product page), or would be shown with a ‘Y’ in the “ship_freight” column of your data export.

If the product being ordered is large enough that it must be shipped alone (has to be shipped in it’s own box, cannot be combined with other items for a shipping discount), or needs to be shipped alone for any other reason; the shipping cost will be billed per item added to the cart. For example, if the shipping is showing $14 for a larger printer and it must be shipped alone, the shipping for 2 printers would be $28.

If the product does not have to be shipped alone, a shipping discount is normally applied for multiple quantities being ordered.

New Doba Feature: Filter by Shipping Type

Doba will be launching a new shipping filter soon that will allow you to filter suppliers who have a Free, or Fixed/Flat Rate shipping option. We suggest using these methods as a #1 business practice as it’s the easiest shipping method. There is no need to try to figure out what the shipping will be, it’s shown on the site, and you can easily calculate on a per order/per item basis what it will be. Below are some examples of suppliers who offer these shipping methods.

The Northwest Company

This supplier currently offers a little over 1,500 licensed sports products and is always adding more. They have car accessories (steering wheel covers, car seat covers, etc), bedding, putting mats, bartending drink mats, grill mats, tailgating mats, bean bags, and more! They carry NCAA, NBA, MLB, NHL, NFL, MLS, and many other licensed products. The Northwest Company is now offering free shipping on all of their products. This means, no more having to figure out what the shipping will be based on where your shipping the products to! Great supplier!

disney frozen throw blanket


Supplier Crosby also offers free shipping. They have 12,000 skus on the site, and they are looking to expand their offerings over the next few months as well. They cover a variety of categories including licensed team products, scrapbooking and crafts, pet products, electronics, home and garden, toys, etc. Supplier Crosby ships most products within 1-2 business days (minus select products listed with longer processing times – usually LTL items or custom made items).


FragranceNet covers fragrances and cosmetics. They have over 11,400 skus currently in the Doba catalog. They offer a fixed/flat rate shipping method of $5.95 per order. This means you can order as many skus/quantity as you would like, and the shipping is still $5.95! FragranceNet also has a fast processing time of 1-2 business days. They offer name brands such as Dolce and Gabbana, Victoria Secret, Bed Head, Joico, Christian Dior, Hugo, Acqua Di Gio, Lancome, and more!


Supplier Mesolite has over 4,600 products in Doba’s Catalog. They offer GPS products and accessories, electronics and accessories, tools, boating accessories, sporting products and accessories, work apparel, and more. Mesolite ships within 2-3 business days, and offers a fixed/flat rate shipping cost of $8.95. All orders must be shipping within the Continental US, and it doesn’t matter how many skus/quantity you order; shipping is always $8.95!


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