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The 3 Worst Kinds of Customers and How to Handle Them

Written by Russell Cragun on May 2, 2014 in How to Sell Products Online
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Customers are an irrefutable part of the business experience, for better or for worse. Whether you sell t-shirts, stocks or plumbing tools, you're going to come up against your share of great customers and not-so-great customers. A great customer is one who presents you with no major problems, and hopefully returns to buy more from your company in the future. A not-so-great customer is pretty much exactly the opposite. Fortunately, there are some simple ways to deal with these types of people with careful customer service, and come out on top. Below we have listed a couple of examples of these types of clients along with some pretty funny experiences from Clients From Hell

1. The Constant Questioner

This customer seems promising at first, whether you meet him or her in person or through your business messaging system. He has a relevant question about your product, and you swiftly answer right away in the hopes that he will make a purchase soon afterwards. Unfortunately, that first question was really the first in a long line of questions, and no matter how you answer, his curiosity is never satisfied enough to make a purchase. What can you do? Encourage this person to sign up to your newsletter, in which all questions will eventually be answered. If he is actually interested in buying, he will do so once the literature has satisfied his curiosity.

2. The Quick-to-Anger Type

These customers come in two models: those who are already angry when they start communicating with you; and those who have been made angry because of something to do with your product. Either way, they are fuming and you are the epitome of wrong-doing, in their eyes. When it comes to angry customers, the first step of appropriate customer service is the most important: let them speak. Let them get it all out, and nod along the way. Sympathize with them, and explain what you can do to fix the problem. If they still fume and insult you personally, send them away. Nobody needs to waste time dealing with a sociopath.

3. The Critical Type

The critical customer thinks he knows more than you do about how you should be doing everything. This includes how you should be speaking to him on the phone, or writing your emails, and building your product (even if you have no hand in that process.) The critical customer can be dealt with in the same way as the customer who won't stop asking questions: refer him or her to the website literature and a regular mailing program, and see if you can turn him into a more relaxed customer at a later date.

What are some experiences you have had? Share your stories below! We would love to hear what other people have dealt with!

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