10 eBay Selling Tips for Beginners to Succeed

August 24 2021 11:39
10 eBay Selling Tips for Beginners to Succeed

Staying ahead of the rest is the only way to succeed in doing online businesses. With the huge numbers of sellers on eBay, beginners may find it hard to sell their products because seasoned sellers are in the game. As the newbies find their way out in eBay, the marketplace may have several twists and turns that they need to unlock to make their brands noticeable. However, there is no shortcut for eBay beginners other than to grow their brands stepwise to their full stature. Below are the eBay selling tips that can keep beginner sellers afloat. 

10 best eBay selling tips for beginners

1.     Price your products strategically to earn more profits

Do not hurry to attach prices on your items without due diligence conduct thorough research on the completed listings to get the prices those early customers paid for the product. Study the history of the sales data to get what price to use. Do not assume that you will sell a product at any price or a price you had paid for it at some time. Remember setting a competitive price is a hack to your online business success. 

To find the completed listings:

  • Go to the top of the eBay page and search the product you are interested in through the search bar.

  • Move to the left panel and scroll down to the section of “Show only.”

  • Choose ‘Completed items” in the section.

Those listings in green prices are the ones customers bought, while the red prices indicate that nobody bought the items. Evaluate how the prices may have determined the success of the items. For instance, could the unsold items have high prices or high shipping costs? 

2.     Use quality product photos to catch the buyers’ attention.

Since people in this generation love visuals on all the sites like Facebook and Instagram, a seller should upload high-quality but original photographs of the products they sell. If you do not access a good camera or studio, use your smartphone to complete the task. Having perfect pictures entails the following: 

  • Avoid using stock pictures. These photos may send a wrong message or raise suspicion among the potential buyers since they may not show the specific item you are selling. Take photos directly of the specific items you sell. 

  • Use neutral backgrounds when taking photos. Photographing on a busy ground or packed house may distract the buyers. Consider using plain white walls or tables when taking photos. 

  • Display photographs showing the product from every angle for the buyers to get a real picture of how the product looks. 

  • Capture the item flaws, if there are any. Add photographs showing any damage to the product to alert the customers of the status of that product they intend to buy. 

  • Use the correct dimensions when uploading photos. Let it be at least 1600 x 1600 pixels. 

3.     Work on your feedback score

Customers build trust and like it when a seller has more feedbacks. Depending on your sales, all the eBay sellers have feedback scores that buyers have left for them. When the feedbacks are low, especially below 20, you may not make any significant sales. All you need is to urge your buyers to leave feedbacks whenever they complete a purchase. Some sellers may not remember to leave feedback after receiving their product. Alternatively, buy some expensive items on eBay for the sellers to rate you: do not use much money on this. 

4.     Optimize your product description 

Among the tips for selling on eBay that is critical in optimizing the product description for SEO. To make your product often appear on the customer’s searches, include some product keywords and answer all the questions that the buyer may have in mind. If you are trading shoes, indicate the size, model, color, words like sneakers, footwear, etc., for Nike Air Jordan shoes. Go through the product descriptions of the competitors to get the keywords. In addition, make the descriptions SEO-friendly by using proper terms 

5.     Desist from selling items with problems.

Some dishonest people will be out there to jump on new sellers after making slight mistakes. After considering the eBay selling tips, do not forget this critical one. Avoid high-risk products to protect yourself from becoming a victim of scams. Such items include: 

  • Designer bags

  • Electronics

  • Smartphones

  • iPhones

  • Counterfeit products

  • Classic designer clothes and shoes

  • Event tickets

  • Items with many components that somebody can remove and return

Do not let greed lead you when you are doing business. Instead, build your brand first before you start trading the items above. 

6.     Inculcate trust in every activity

Beware that there are numerous fraudsters and untrustworthy sellers on the internet. Building trust with your customers will be the ultimate selling on eBay tip that you can follow. Ensure that the clients gain confidence in you to supply the quality products within the stipulated time unless they skip your products. 

Gaining trust includes adding information that describes you, your photo, and your policies to the store. Display the feedback that customers have left reviews and testimonials to show how you satisfied them. In addition, acknowledge defects, scratches, and tears on the item, if any, and show real videos and photos of the products you are vending. 

Build a reputation also as a seller for people to give you positive feedback. Here are some tips for doing it:

  • Give quick and polite answers to the customer questions

  • Use competitive prices and shipping fees. 

  • Avoid sales canceling by tracking your inventory

  • In case there is an issue with a buyer, inform eBay immediately. 

7.     Make daily product listings. 

Expert eBay sellers attest that one ought to list a product each day instead of listing all of them once. This kind of listing makes your clients discover new items on your site at every visit that makes them always come back. Though making a quality listing on eBay appears not easy, new sellers can use the quick listing tool at eBay to guide on the same. Once you type your product’s descriptive words, the tool will suggest how people have listed other similar goods to get an idea. 

8.     Use low prices in the beginning.

When you are in a highly competitive niche, apply this eBay selling tip of setting your prices low. Low prices attract more customers since people purchase your products and improve your ranking on eBay searches. Many customers tend to search and sort products from cheap to expensive as they evaluate which to buy. Although the low prices may not make high-profit margins, they will enable you to make big sales. With time, you will be at the top as an established eBay seller and increase prices as you wish to compensate for your patience. 

9.     Share your products on various social media platforms.

You will have to increase your customer base by sharing your listings on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites. This strategy is advantageous since people on the platforms may already have a concrete relationship with you. 

10.  Provide a fair return policy

Every seller on eBay must have a return policy. Customers, on the other hand, will be looking for items that have a return policy. If they identify that a particular product lacks a return policy, then they will ignore it. Therefore, it is prudent that a seller develops a failure return policy for their products. eBay recommends and awards all the sellers who give a 30-day return policy, giving them higher ranks in the searches. A fair return policy also builds trust between a seller and a buyer. 

How does Doba dropshipping help with selling on eBay?

Instead of always selling used items, Doba dropshipping aims at bringing new items into the eBay marketplace. Items like electronics, beauty products, and children's toys on eBay come from various Doba suppliers. Different suppliers in Doba specialize in different niches and supply millions of products to dropshippers and clients. 

Doba dropshipping fits well with the eBay seller’s business model, demanding that customers pay for their products through PayPal before shipping. Once the payment reaches the seller, they then pay the suppliers their wholesale money plus some shipping fee and remain as profits. Doba.com contains an interface that allows sellers to list items on their eBay stores within few minutes. It is also easy to link up your Doba.com and eBay accounts to enhance your business experiences. Due to the availability of millions of products, a seller can make as much money as they wish with Doba.

10 eBay Selling Tips for Beginners to Succeed


Having gotten good tips for selling on eBay, you can now double your returns from your comfort zone. Using eBay is awesome and encouraging since it does not have any entry barriers and is easily accessible. Once you grasp eBay's rules, regulations, and policies, you will be good to go. However, you need to link your eBay account with a dropshipping account like Doba.com to boost the number of items you will sell. The synergy between the two accounts will be mighty that your income will shock you. Try doing business now. 


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