Best Selling Dropshipping Products in 2021

February 25 2021 05:10

Dropshipping is considered a shortcut for many people looking to enter the trillion-dollar eCommerce industry. It is one of the easiest and profitable ways to start an online business. The premise and backbone of achieving a successful dropshipping business are finding the best products to sell.

It is reported that 22% ~33% of retailers have adopted drop shipping as a primary fulfillment method. The industry is projected to continue to rise in the coming years due to its accessibility and online retailer’s preference.

To join the many successful retailers, you need these three requirements:

●     Profitable niche

●     Winning desirable product

●     Successful marketing strategy

So how do you find the best dropshipping products to sell? The best products should meet the following criteria:

●     It should be a trending product.

●     It should encourage impulse buying.

●     It should have at least a margin of 50%

●     It should be a unique product.

Our thorough research team has collated the following list of top dropshipping products of 2021 to find products that meet or exceed the criteria. Check out this list!

●      Health and personal care

Detox Shampoo

Detox shampoo is one of the most sought-after products for people facing hair issues. It helps keep hair clean and acts as a shield by removing the dead skin from the scalp. For people eager to remove smells, sweat, and impurities from their hair, detox shampoo is the solution!

Via Google Trends

Lip Mask

A lip mask sounds like a strange product, but surprisingly, people are searching for it for skincare purposes. Lips are the most sensitive part of the human body; a lip mask helps keep lips moisturized.

Via Google Trends

Hair Mist

A hair mist is a perfume for your hair. With the right amount of it, you can quickly refresh any hair.

Via Google Trends

The search for hair mist has grown steadily over the past few years and hit its all-time highest point in November 2020. It is estimated to continue to climb in 2021. 

Electric Toothbrushes

Electric toothbrushes have been around for decades, but it has shown a steady upward trend in search and sales volume over the past five years. Sales typically peak around Christmas time and taper off the following months.

Via Google Trends

Sleep Eye Masks

A nightly eye mask may not seem advanced, but its effectiveness is undeniable. After all, the dark helps us sleep better; sleep eye masks are the simplest way to improve our sleep quality.

Via Google Trends

In the past five years, searches for sleep masks have increased year after year, usually peaking around mid-November. The numbers are higher this summer and fall, indicating that the trend in 2021 is consistent.

Jade Rollers

Jade rollers are massage tools made from jade or quartz. They take effect by being firmly rolled along the user’s face and are considered to tighten skin, eliminating fine lines and puffiness.

Via Google Trends

Jade roller's search started in early 2018 and has been growing ever since, reaching a peak around the end of August last year. With the increase of pre-holiday holidays in 2020, the jade roller is predicted to continue its upward trend next year. 

Massage Gun

Massage guns are high-powered tools that emit vibrations used to relax muscle tightness and improve blood flow. Recently, they’ve become a popular post-workout ritual for athletes, but massage guns may be utilized by everybody experiencing muscular and joint pain.

Via Google Trends

The massage gun was launched before Christmas 2019 and quickly became a popular gift idea. Search interest has remained stable throughout the summer, mainly due to fitness bloggers and influencers, many of whom recommended the product in the summer. During the 2020 holiday period, demand increased again, and it is expected to continue to maintain high demand during 2021.

●      Wardrobe and accessories


Overshirts are loose-fitting shirts meant to wore over other shirts, hence the name. They can either be formal or informal and are most popular in autumn, thus adding warmth to stylish.

Via Google Trends

In the past two years, searches for undershirts have grown. However, there has been a vast increase recently. The search volume at the end of September was twice as high as before, and interest has increased throughout the holiday period, so we expect this trend will continue next year.


The balaclava is a warm headdress worn on the face and mouth in winter. They are usually woven, come in various colors and styles, and have the added advantage of covering the mouth; this became a distinct asset in 2020.

Via Google Trends

Like most winter clothing, balaclavas are often popular holiday gifts, usually peaking in November. However, in early April of this year, searches for balaclavas surged to an all-time high-possibly due to the pandemic.

Although balaclava alone cannot effectively prevent the spread of COVID-19, their ability to cover less fashionable medical masks made them very popular in 2020. This number is expected to rise further.

Silk Pajamas

Silk pajamas are the eternal featured pajamas, located at the intersection of comfort and first-class. The silk is soft and breathable, which brings a relaxed feeling to the skin and is perfect for sleeping.

Via Google Trends

Silk pajamas have become more and more popular in recent years. The purchase volume tends to increase in late September, and the peak is approaching at Christmas.


Skateboards are open-toed, open-back shoes, usually made of rubber. Brands such as Prada, Gucci, Burberry, and Marc Jacobs have launched them in their recent collections.

Via Google Trends

In the past few years, the search for slides has been growing. Although they usually peak in summer, they are gaining popularity as year-round indoor shoes. This year's sales are higher than ever, and it is expected that there will be a sustainable trend in 2021.

    Kitchen and grocery

Air Fryers

Nothing can compare to the crispy, caramel flavor of fried chicken, but a traditional deep fryer is bulky, difficult to clean, and uses many fatty oils. The air fryer has become the first choice for chefs looking for a delicious crispy texture without the unhealthy mess.

Via Google Trends

Air fryers have been around for a long time but only became popular around 2017. Since then, the air fryer demand has been growing every year, and the peak around Christmas is getting higher and higher. This year, as more and more people cook at home, air fryers had their biggest summer.

Portable Blenders

The portable mixer is a smaller, more mobile version of the popular device.

Smaller versions of blenders have been around for a while, but only recently has "portable blenders" really become a product. Portable mixers are easier to transport and store, making them ideal for travelers and small families of one or two people.

Via Google Trends

Portable blenders became popular in the summer of 2018. This year, the digital trend has been higher than in previous years, and the pandemic seems to have brought the product to its highest ever. We hope that this trend will remain stable in the coming year.

Electric Kettles

Electric kettles have been around since the end of the 19th century, but they have shown a steady upward trend in the past five years. As more and more customers become accustomed to convenience and portability, electric kettles have become more and more popular.

Via Google Trends

In the past few years, the search and sales of electric kettles have steadily increased, and the peak around Christmas has become more significant and more prominent.

      Home and bedroom

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans have been the main content of interior design for decades. In summer, they help cool the room and improve energy efficiency, especially in places where central air conditioning may not be easy to use, such as remote cabins, villas, or older buildings.

Via Google Trends

There is no doubt that ceiling fans are the most popular in summer. Their popularity has increased in the past five years, and the summer peak has reached the highest level in 2020.

Dog Bed

We love our dogs, but a dogs' smell can be unpleasant at times, and too much pet dander can trigger allergies. The dog bed is portable, easy to clean, and more comfortable than the floor or carpet.

Via Google Trends

In 2020, search interest in dog beds had been its highest yet. With numbers remaining steady, we expect high sales for dog beds in the coming year.

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